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Child support? Why is this even a question?

A funny thing happens when adults separate or get a divorce, they all of sudden aren't making the money they use to, or times are tough and or they flat out state that they don't want to pay child support. This is addressed to men and woman who are the bread winner of any relationship, this is a gender neutral open letter. Things are priority in an intact family however once separation ensues things aren't always priorities when divorcing. When you're with your partner and spending money on your children it isn't an issue, it shouldn't be an issue once you separate either. It's mind boggling to think its ok to spend money when you're a couple but when separated and raising kids in different households the thought of paying child support becomes a burden! No it shouldn't be, remember that "money" that you feel like you're wasting isn't a waste. It is going towards your child, their everyday life, to make your child's life easy, activities accessible, clothes on their back, food on the table, etc. Yes, custodial parent and non custodial parent are/should share the responsibility. In a majority of cases their is one parent that is the bread winner and will be paying more, if you are the said parent, don't be bitter. It is going towards your child and your child's lifestyle. Why is it ok to think that if you were still together with your ex that it's ok to spend money however once your broken up its a waste? Why should you question if your child should/continue attending private school? Why does our child need new clothes, be part of activities, why take extra classes, camp, etc? Please remember that this is your child, it's for the betterment of your child. Why do you want to see your ex struggle to do things for your child, why would you want to financially ruin your ex, to get even? What in realty is occurring, you're destroying your child, your child understands more then you think. I understand your ego is hurt, bruised, your pride has been shaken, you're now bitter but place that all aside and be responsible, be loyal to your child, do the right thing and pay the proper amount of support. This goes to woman and men.

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