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Club MomMe Fall Family Festival

What an absolutely beautiful Sunday at South Coast Botanic Garden. The ladies at Club MomMe have outdone themselves.

From the moment you enter the garden to check in, the energy is fun and buzzing with excitement. The tents were up, tables overflowing with goodies, so let the fun and adventure begin.

Let me tell you it was a little overwhelming going over the list of vendors, the event was marvelously organized and so much fun. In addition to having a really awesome representation of vastly different baby vendors big & small, they also included cool activities like splash and play for the kids & different experts speaking on much needed subjects, the food (AMAZING), hair and nail treatments and everything in between! They even had Nannies from Nanny League on hand so parents can go table to table to explore and ask questions.

One of the first tables I stopped at was Books and Cookies located in Santa Monica. They had their booth set up for story time and some play.

As I was turning the corner I saw an adorable table filled with shoes. Being a shoe addict I had to stop and drool over these baby shoes. The Pediped table was filled with shoes for your little one, now only if my little one would keep his shoes on that would be marvelous.

Then I saw our favorite Bambo Nature Diapers which promises and guarantees,

· Guaranteed Skin-Friendly – No Dangerous Chemicals and or Allergens · Guaranteed Eco-Friendly – Sustainable Resources and Less Waste · Guaranteed Sleep-Friendly – Maximum Absorbency, Ultra-Soft, Ultra-Flexible. How amazing are these diapers, we love them in our house.

Baby Bjorn had an amazing setup with their long tables so the children can paint and parents not to fear, they had adorable smocks for the kids! They had the adult version of their bouncer and I swear if I could have snagged it, I would have. It was so calming to be in the bouncer, now I now know why our kiddos, always calm down when they are placed in their bouncer, super relaxing!

Hyland's 4Kids was there and I discovered an amazing product that they carry, every parent with a toddler needs this. Bumps and Bruises Stick with Arnica.

It's a stick that's has all natural active ingredients and is fast acting, safe on skin, and easy to apply. LOVE THIS!

Odor problems? Not anymore, once you start to use Fresh Wave Works odor gel, it will remove all odors and have your room smelling clean. Love their packaging, the gel is crystallized and in a brown jar. Just peel of the protective seal, place the jar lid back on and viola, room will smell fresh and clean for 60 days.

There were so many vendors, just to touch a few they had Yoobi, La Croix Water, Green Toy Trucks, Dolce Gusto, Wholefoods, Love Child Organics, Britax and much more. What was even more amazing were the lounge set ups. Between the DadDe Lounge, VIP Lounge, Party Lounge, Chico Lounge, Wellness Lounge, MomMe Lounge, I can go on, it was designed so that parents were comfortable, kids were safe and fun to be had everywhere.

It's such a rarity to be somewhere and genuinely see everyone smiling, learning, exploring and having fun. Hands down if you ever get the chance to attend an event, GO, you will not be disappointed and I promise you, you'll be blown away by all the great information given to you in such a fun atmosphere.

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