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Starbucks Christmas Cups

Alright people, with all the craziness going on around the world, even in our backyard, this is an issue? I was watching CNN and they were actually covering this story. This is a story?

Starbucks isn't waging war on Christmas or any other crazy notion that might be out there. If you are lucky enough to be standing in Starbucks line to order a $4 dollar cup of latte, you are better off then most.

These people who are going crazy are angry because they feel that this years cup isn't festive and it doesn't capture Christmas. They have done away with the snowman, snowflakes and whatever else they've had in past and made the cup simple red with their logo. So now people are actually saying that Starbucks is waging war on Christmas?

What? Let that sink in.

Have you looked at the news lately? Let me tell you who's waging war, ISIS is planting bombs, terrorist causing mayhem, Boko Haram stealing our children, killing innocent people, Syrian refugees are fleeing there country for safety, parents right in our own backyard that can't feed their children, countless men, woman, children that are homeless, our men and woman in combat protecting our freedom and people are upset about a cup?

How does the real problems of the world compare to a single red cup? It doesn't, it will never so get over it. Be happy that you can afford to purchase your cup of coffee and if you need the Christmas spirit, go home and start there. Set up your tree, ornaments and whatever other paraphernalia that's needed to make you happy. The spirit starts within you, you have the choice to happy.

So let us raise our cups and salute one another with holiday cheer. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Happy Kwanzaa, be thrilled you're alive and healthy.

See you in the Starbucks line happily holding your red cup.

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