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DreamWorks, DreamPlace has brought to life Shrek, Donkey & the crew, Christmas 3D sleigh ride.

Run don't walk to South Bay Galleria in Redondo Beach. Yes, you read that correctly, if you reside in the Los Angeles and Orange County area you must go to South Bay Galleria. DreamWorks DreamPlace has created a 3D animation sleigh ride to the North Pole. Grown ups and children, come one, come all, fun to be had for everyone. What an epic start to Christmas. When you arrive to Santa's house his elves will check you in and provide a personalized boarding pass with a time stamp for your sleigh ride. Upon entering the foyer of the house, there are iPads everywhere so your little ones can earn their pilots license, it's needed to fly the sleigh. Then the doors open, your magical sleigh will transport you to the North Pole. It's mysterious and the unknown brings on a sense of anticipation. When seated in your sleigh, all hands and feet must stay inside, sit back and enjoy your ride to the North Pole. The sleigh starts moving, the screen lights up, Shrek, Donkey and the gang come on and this is where the fun truly begins. Your journey across the world to the North Pole commences, as you watch a mini interactive movie that's hilarious. All the while the sleigh is shifting, the temperature in the room adjusts to what's on the screen and you've just been magically transported from South Bay Galleria to the North Pole. It's whimsical, exciting and playful, I couldn't get over the moment, as much as I enjoyed it, my toddler loved it. He was mesmerized and left in awh of the magic that was before him. Once you've arrived to the North Pole your next destination is to meet Santa. When the sleigh ride has concluded you're whisked away to another fairytale room where you can decorate and customize your gingerbread man on an iPad. As your having fun decorating, something magical occurs, the ringing of the sleigh bells. The bells are echoing through the room, your guiding elf swings open the doors and Santa is sitting on his chair, ho-ho-hoing to welcome you, it's a moment of sheer joy. To see your child's face when they see Santa, priceless. The true "journey" is getting your child to smile during picture time. As every parent knows, this is the trials and tribulations of parenthood. Santa was patient, the photographer engaging and as moms we are doing everything we can to get the golden picture. Once you've taken your photos, you step out of Santa's house to view your masterpieces. Which ever package you pick out you can't go wrong because you absolutely want to capture the moment and the unforgettable experience. So this Christmas take a ride to Redondo Beach, visit South Bay Galleria and experience this once in a lifetime escapade in going to the North Pole. Thank you ClubMomMe for letting us be part of a fantastic day and South Bay Galleria for your hospitality. See you in the North Pole!

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