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Winter Wanderlust

Winter Wanderlust Getting into the holiday spirit this past week has been delightful. Started off by going to Louis Vuitton Christmas party, Tiffany's, and then Cartier. All three events rung in the holidays however what was deliciously appetizing was Sips and Sweets. Sips and Sweets hosted by LA weekly, at The Reef a.k.a. the California Mart, was a phenomenal event. They took over the second floor at The California Mart and turned it into a paradise of desserts and drinks. While your nibbling on your fabulous pastries, trying out new holiday drinks, you can shop at the same time. Brilliant, a woman's dream, to have desserts (yes plural), a few cocktails and be able to go shopping all in one location. With over 60 vendors representing some of the trendiest restaurants in Los Angeles it was hard to keep up. I highly recommend everyone attending and my two words of wisdom, Uber it there and back and take a bag with you to fill with all the yummy bite size delicious desserts you won't get to finish. You will appreciate it the next morning when you're having your morning coffee. Between the delectable desserts and fiery Christmas concoctions, strategically sandwiched were unique Etsy shops, from jewlery, clothes and accessories. It was truly a well thought out plan, while you're mingling, having fun, you had the opportunity to purchase all your Christmas presents. The one and only thing I would suggest to LA Weekly and the gang, have an event in the afternoon for moms! Have Urban Sitter or Nanny League at the event so they can help out with the kids. Moms can shop till we drop and have our deserts guilt free for getting all of our Christmas shopping done in one spot. Sips and Sweets will be an event I plan to attend yearly, to walk into a room and have a sea of confections, experience new aperitif created by culinary experts to enhance the pastry experience is none other then fabulous, it's ingenious. Cheers LA Weekly for orchestrating an outstanding event to kickoff the season. By the way, the picture is just one of the yummy treats that can be found at the event. This particular cream filled donut was crafted by Forked Up. Doesn't get any sweeter then this. Happy Holidays, xoxo Kat

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