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Zuri Wine 4th Annual Sip & Shop

Zuri Wine hosted their 4th Annual Sip and Shop wine festival at Flemings Steak House, Beverly Hills this past weekend. Before I let you know about the event, you need to know the mastermind behind this fabulous event, Tuanni Price the owner of Zuri Wine. Remember her name, she's a force of a woman with a compassionate heart.

Tuannis' aura and energy is powerful, she brings on excitement and a sense of calm all at the same time. There's a reason why her business is successful, the woman knows her industry, is extremely knowledgable and inviting. Tuanni launched Zuri Wine March of 2010. In this whirlwind of time she's managed to break barriers, build a reputation of excellence not only for herself but her brand. There motto is, "wine is complicated, we make tasting simple."

Zuri Winery "Toast to Diversity" featured over 30+ wines made by African Americans, women and small boutique wineries.

Not only was this event spotlighting all the hard work brick and mortars do day in and day out, the event was advocating for Yet She Rises, an organzation that helps young adults in crisis. Let me emphasis and reiterate, the event was to reinforce and uplift woman and minorities, their careers, providing support to one another, having fun and shopping all rolled up into one. Not only did they raise money but shined awareness on Yet She Rises thats helps single moms that are in need to escape the horrid acts of cruelty that is inflicted upon them. Yet She Rises provides mentoring, vocational training and character enrichment activities for teenagers and young adults in crisis (namely, life skill classes, fellowship and recreational activities led by adult role models and providing a positive alternative to poverty, homelessness, and substance abuse). There is an intentional focus on single mothers

My heart wants to explode with love and admiration I have for Tuanni, the owner of Zuri Wine and all the vendors that were there that day to help support one another. Human kindness is alive, we just need to look for it and when we find it, appreciate the moment, acknowledge the people surrounding you, great things can occur with comradery.

If you missed this event, create your own! Check out where they offer wine tours. You can have your private wine tour minimum of 8 people or make it a party, maximum 50 people. Prices packages range from $129, $259 and more. What a great way to celebrate a birthday, bridal shower or just to getting the girls together.

Cheers to Tuanni and all the vendors that were celebrating life and giving back to the community.

Next time you're out purchasing wine, support these companies, you'll be endorsing their mission and most importantly you'll be encouraging small business growth.

Do good, feel good. Salute!

1. XIX Wine

2. Vision Cellars

3. Wisdom Oak Winery

4. Vanilla Puddin

5. TwentyFour Wine

6. The Vegan Vine

7. Truvée Wine

8. Sosabe Cellars

9. Simply Vino's Vina Sympatica

10. Sharp Cellars

11. Seven Sisters

12. Running Tigers Wine

13. Nyarai Cellars

14. Mouton Wines

15. Paul Charles Wine

16. Nombe

17. MYX Fusions Moscato

18. Mouton Wine


20. M'Mudi

21. Masion Ilan

22. Longevity Wines

23. L’Objet Noir

24. J Moss Wines

25. L’Objet Cellars

26. Mandela Wines

27. Highberry Wines

28. Heritage Link Brands

29. Flo Brands

30. Everette Ridge Winery

31. Wines

32. Earl Stevens Selections

33. Brown Estate

34. Bodkin Wines

35. Abby Creek Vineyard

36. Branwar Wine Distributing Co.

37. Marke Wine

38. Charles Wine Company

39. Theopolis Vineyards

40. Esterlina Vineyards

41. Taste Collection Cellars

42. Rideau Vineyards

**This list compiled is in no particular order.

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