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¡Latin Food Fest!

A families bond is united through the warmth and the heart of the house, the kitchen. The love and respect thats shared for one another is magnified and it all starts with our moms. Moms gather the children and family members in the kitchen and as she's cooking she's teaching and telling her family the secret ingredients, demonstrating how to cook with patience and love. Food brings families closer, which strengthens the family bond, a family that eats together, stays together.

The art of the cooking and a deep connection with food, is a skill enhanced by generations, passed down with love and care to keep the family connected around the home, kitchen and dinner table. Certain dishes stir up emotions, scents affect and provoke memories that are filled with nostalgia from our childhood or a certain memories that provokes warmth. All this is the cause of dishes cooked by the ones we love.

It may be taught by family members or the great chefs that are passing along their skills so we may know how to prepare a dish. If your wanting to learn, be taken back to your childhood, or know what ingredients add a little panache, you need to attend the Latina Food Festival! Latinas' know how to add spice to life and what a better place to see all the exciting restaurants, winery's, culinary expert and much more during the Latin Food Fest that's taking place March 18-21. See the outline below for all fabulous events that the Latin Food Fest has in store, you won't want to miss it!

¡Latin Food Fest!, the fourth annual Latin food, wine and spirits fete, hits in 2016, Los Angeles March 18 to 21.

Celebrity chefs, and wine and spirits personalities will again converge in Downtown Los Angeles for four days of non-stop Latin food, spirits and wine indulgence. ¡Latin Food Fest! Los Angeles features an all-Latina cooking demonstration on-stage, including Univision morning chef/host Tati Polo(demonstrating Venezuelan), Chef Alicia Maher (demonstrating Salvadoran), Milbet Del Cid (demonstrating Guatemalan), Natalie Curie (demonstrating Mexican) and others.

Last year’s festival drew over 20,000 attendees and this year’s signature event, Grande Tasting, will feature 150 restaurants, wineries, distillers, food makers and culinary personalities such as chef Ricardo Zarate, the founding chef/owner of celebrated Los Angeles Peruvian restaurants Picca, Mo Chica, and Paiche. Chef Zarate has been recognized by Food & Wine, Esquire, GQ, LA Times, Condé Nast Traveler & a three time James Beard nominee. Zarate is also the author of “The Fire of Peru: Recipes and Stories from “My Peruvian Kitchen,” which he will be signing at ¡Latin Food Fest!.

Here are highlights of ¡Latin Food Fest! 2016:

· Spirits of the Americas

Latin distilled spirits enthusiasts will kick off the 2016 ¡Latin Food Fest! by tasting tapas from the hottest restaurants and cocktails prepared by top mixologists from a collection of international distilleries representing Bacanora, Cachaça, Mezcal, Pisco, Raicilla, Rum, Sotol and Tequila.

· Grande Tasting

Latin food, wine and spirits-tasting journey to the Caribbean, Central and South America, Mexico, Portugal and Spain. Wines from Argentina, California, Mexico, Spain and spirits such as Bacanora, Cachaça, Mezcal, Raicilla, Rum, Sotol and Tequila pair with the cuisine.

· Grande Tasting

Grande Tasting Sunday is a Latin culinary adventure for all ages. Guests will sample Latin food and beverages, the wine and beer garden, dance to live music, learn to make fun foods at the cooking demo tent from celeb chefs and bid on memorabilia at the silent auction.

· Havana Supperclub

This six-course private chef's dinner will feature a Cuban tasting trip. Rioja wine paired with the dinner courses and a dessert rum cocktail with the final course.

¡Latin Food Fest!’s brand partners include Verizon, Northgate Markets, Anheuser-Busch, Grand Marnier, Bush Brothers & Company, KORBEL, Ibarra Chocolate, Mexico Lindo Hot Sauce, Camaronazo, Steuben Foods, Tepachito, Hard Frescos, Flatout Inc, Aveníu Wines, La Brea Bakery, Deep Eddy Vodka, Big Green Egg and E.J. Gallo Wines.

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