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Taste of Israel Kick off lunch! יוֹצֵא דוֹפֶן

Taste of Israel is this Sunday, March 20th from 5pm-8pm, held at The Majestic Downtown. The Taste of Israel had there kick off at The Hummus Bar and Grill last week to gives us an inclination of what will be available at the Taste. Since this was just a prelude of what's to come, the Taste will be an unforgettable evening.

The Hummus Bar and Grill is located in Tarzana, CA, it's quaint, comfortable and understated. From the outside you can see it's a cozy family style resturant, vibrant, patio seating is available for our breezy summer nights with an exquisite bar where you can sit and be mesmerized by watching the bread man mold dough and place it in the rotating grill. The smell of fresh dough cooking will jump start your anticipation for the delicious meal that's ahead of you. When your food arrives know that you're in for a mouth watering, palate exploding experience.

We were in the presences of Food Networks Celebrity Chef Penny Davidi and Renowned Israeli Chef Ofir Arbel. These two are quite a combination to say the least and to think this was just the kick off! The scent of kebabs mixed in with the smoldering charcoal will drive you to eat everything in site. With small plates of hummus, salads, sautéed mushroom, pilaf, the variety of food was captivating with its intoxicatingly aroma.

I picture Israeli streets having an abundance of charming restaurants that are filled with families and friends gathered around and enjoying each other's company. Passing dishes that are filled with small delicacies and all the while you're surrounded by your loved ones and bonding over food. Meals bring us together, it's almost a glue of sorts. Certain scents can conjure a memory so strong that you'll feel like your back at that precise moment.

The kickoff was a direct inclination of how the Taste of Israel will be, it's going to be Magnificent! Between the celebrity chefs, world renowned wineries that will have representatives from Israel to California, local Chefs representing there restaurants and much more. The Taste of Israel will be a privilege to attend and once in a lifetime experience.

Every single person at this event was there not only to celebrate the first annual Taste of Israel in Los Angeles but the underlying cause is powerful. 100% of profits benefit Meir Panim, feeding Israel’s impoverished. You read that correctly, 100% of the profits will go to a charity that's doing an amazing job feeding and sheltering the homeless in Israel. One out of every three Israeli children suffers from hunger. One in four adults live in poverty. One in five elderly are in need of immediate assistance. These are huge numbers and by your help, we can reduce the number to help our fellow human being.

The Taste of Israel will have unlimited tasting prepared by top Kosher Chefs from Israel and Los Angeles. There will be 19 acclaimed Israeli wineries including a plethora of wineries from around the world.

Don't miss this event, not only for the food and wine but the sheer fact that you're contributing to a cause that's bigger then all of us and that's helping someone in need.

Tickets are available at


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