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The 4th Annual LSG LA Craft Fair at MILK Studios Hollywood

Inspiration for Lily, Sarah & Grace:

At the heart of everything we do are Lily, Sarah and Grace, three vibrant, intelligent, creative sisters, each with their own individual strengths. On Christmas day, 2011, 9-year-old Lily and her twin 7-year-old sisters Sarah and Grace, lost their lives in a fire in Stamford, Connecticut. To honor their lives, the sisters' father started Lily Sarah Grace to support what his daughters loved to do most in life: art.

What an amazing organization with heartbreaking loss. I had the chance to attend their beautiful Craft Fair held at MILK Studios this weekend. It was truly an afternoon of art, play and fun. I once read, "every child is an artist until they’re told otherwise." There so much truth to this powerful statement. Our job as parents is to find what helps your child flourish, not go by what standards are set in school and what's acceptable by society. There is no such thing as normal, normal is what is in our own daily lives

Every child is unique, each child has a way of expressing themselves and it's up to us to be open and to be able to communicate with our child, to fulfill their wants and needs. This is the case with this wonderful organization. LSG Community challenges teachers to engage their students in classroom with art as a form expression and bonding. LSG main goal is to reach as many children through their teachers, parents and community allies.

In celebration of their 4th annual LilySarahGrace Anniversary, LSG held a wonderful afternoon at MILK Studio filled with painting, professional picture taking, creating delicious cookies with Au Fudge or s’mores with WeeLicious. Getting our hair spray painted by Jerome Russell, having our fortune told, creating bird feeders, having our image free drawn by artists from Clamdiggin, personalized magnets and so much more. The studio was filled with community vendors to bring to life our children's imagination, creativity and excitement. Having our children know that we believe in them and what they do matters. Every square inch of MILK Studios validated that for the kids, there wasn’t a creative space not utilized.

Sarah’s Owl was a heartfelt that we worked on to commemorate the day, their was a reusable Owl Tote bag or T-Shirt that the kids could paint and personalize. The Owl symbolizes a creation that Sarah had rendered through a collage at school. This was the last art project Sarah had worked on, not only does it hold near and dear to her family but it symbolizes whats felt in the heart of the foundation and their mission.

None of this would have been possible without the generous sponsors that brought LSG vision to life and help create such a memorable day. Thank you for everyone involved and please support our community vendors so we may be able to partake in events such as this to help our children, it takes a village, let us create a strong tribe.

*Disclaimer I was not paid to write this blog.

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