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Bridesmaids & Boudoir at Naked Princess

Pia Gladys Perey extravagant cocktail party which was co-hosted by supermodel and actress Tia Shipman at Naked Princess for the unveiling of both designers new collection was everything you’d expect it to be, superb!

If you haven't seen Pia Gladys Perey designs from her new line you are missing out gravely. "Pia Gladys Perey is Synonymous to sexy elegance for the modern woman. Pia Gladys Perey (PGP) has become the go-to label for glamorous pieces with a romantic flair. Sensual folds and dramatic drapes define the PGP woman, where curves of every kind are celebrated and made beautiful."

I had the honor of PGP dressing me for the Single Moms Planet Awards Ceremony held at the Peninsula Hotel. When wearing a PGP dress you feel provocative, alluring and you can conquer the world. Her dresses are wildly sexy and are appropriately revealing, I love that. It seems to me that designers have forgotten that somethings are better left to the imagination and it's more important how a woman feels in a dress versus the world seeing every square inch of her body. I applaud PGP for her designs, accentuating a woman's body and encompassing femininity.

The fashion show at Naked Princess was a hit! From the DJ, to the champagne room, mini manicures on site, yummy bite size morsels passed around and the chocolate covered cookie dough bites. The piece de resistance was the fashion show. Ladies if you're looking for lingerie essentials Naked Princess is the place to frequent. They have a way of making you feel special, from brand exclusivity, to the rich interior accentuating the shopping experience.

The private room upstairs includes fitting rooms and powder room. Perfect for celebrations, bridal showers and parties. The space has been designed for small gatherings, perfect for a ladies luncheon. “You’re not just going to come in here and buy a bra or panty. You’re going to come in here, have a full experience and be a part of this world – this Naked Princess world.” said Jordana Woodland, CEO and Creative Director.

The collaboration with PGP and Naked Princess was wildly successful. These two designers worked hand in hand to bring us a night of romance and beauty.

Thank you PGP for dressing me for the awards show, my dress was stunning! I'm humbled and grateful for your generosity. You are an amazing woman, phenomenal designer and most importantly a have a heart of gold.

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