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Bottle + Heels Interactive Blog Launch

Bel Air Estates is an affluent neighborhood in Los Angeles, California. The neighborhood, which lies across Sunset Boulevard from the University of California, Los Angeles, was founded in 1923. The neighborhood has been a mecca for filming locations or settings for numerous films, tv shows and now, Tammin Sursok Interactive Blog launch, Bottle + Heels!

Driving through the prestige gates of Bel Air a sense of excitement and exclusivity is the very essence of this community. Lollypop trees, manicured lawns, aligned with McMansions, you know something fabulous will occur at a party being held in Bel Air. What you think you'll find and what you find are worlds apart, it's an unimaginable fabulous fairytale.

Tammin and her team perfectly executed the party of the year for Bottle + Heels Interactive Blog Launch. Over 300 people, 51 vendors, DJ, with mega Swan floats gracing the pool, Secret Garden, Childrens play area, kids playground, beauty posts, no details were spared. Everything represented was the very essence of opulence, beauty and femininity.

Delectable morales passed around from The District and Paleta, a candy bar from A Real Treat, a dessert buffet with delectable delights from Sprinkles, Maski Pops, California Donuts a buffet of treats for adults and kids to enjoy. Tables of delicious desserts that were too pretty to eat, cocktails courtesy of 50 bleu vodka and California Fruit Wine, flavored rose water from h2Rose and DIY fruit infused water from Fab Fit Fun were the perfect for a sunny Sunday afternoon.

Alongside the glistening pool that was filled with Swans & Donut floats were lined by vendors who customized in hair bedazzled with Tammin and Kristi Kaylor’s Sparkle Nation Hair Charms, manicures by Chrome Girl, DIY t-shirt making with Bow & Drape, makeup touch-ups from Blushington and a Grammy Museum raffle where guests won great prizes from places like Golden Door Spa while contributing to a fantastic cause. JuJuBe essentials for the modern day mom was on hand with the latest designs and creations, GoGo Squeeze and there yummy Flavors of on the go squeeze pouch available for babies and toddlers, Bambo Nature Diapers giving us a sneak peek of their new skincare line and so much more.

When making your way to the secret garden you're escorted by your very own ManServant to discover an area of tranquility and peace. Here you may choose to get a massage, or a personalized flower crown made by Cult Gaia, tarot card readings from Angie Banicki. The fun doesn't stop at this juncture, venture to another path with your kiddo, ManServant in tow and there's a mini playground for the kids with swings and slides.

This is a totally separate area from the designated play zone that had the trampoline on the main ground level for the children.

Kids celebrated with music by The Beat Buds, games from Books & Cookies, DIY crafts courtesy of Jessica Biel’s kid-focused LA hotspot Au Fudge, All the while DJ Craig Zuckerman was rocking the house.

Now to the powerhouse woman speaking, the panel was moderated by Kathryn Eisman, woman of influence were Jillian Rose Darlington (Founder of MomCo app), Rachel Pitzel (Founder of Club Momme), Lara Gillman (co-founder of Cycle House) and Maria Pelletier (Director of Network Development at Awestruck). These ladies are a true inspiration, they spoke of determination, following your dreams and the running theme was, "who's in your tribe?" Surround yourself with woman of honor, respect

As mothers it's important that we build one another up, accept and nurture each other. We don't have to understand or agree on what's right for another family, the key being it's there life! What we have to do is just be, be kind and decent human beings. One of acceptance and tolerance, we are all doing our best raising our children. It's hard enough being moms, wives, co-workers, mompreneur, whatever hat you're wearing, being moms we should all be friends. Learning from one another, uplifting each other with positive words and recognizing when a fellow mom needs help or just being a good ear when it's needed without judgement.

Bottle + Heels aspires camaraderie among moms and women in all walks of life, addressing stories about fashion, beauty, travel, art and motherhood! Tammin accurately describes her interactive blog in the 'about' section stating, "You don't have to be a mother to be here, you don't have to be female to be here but what you do have to have is an open mind, to want to have a good debate and be curious about the world in which we live."

Bottle + Heels will gracefully evolve into something bigger than ever imagined, "Stick by the people who fight for you. You can't be successful without them", Tammin I'm sticking by you. Love your interactive blog and what it represents, unity!

Aspire to be a giver, a giver of love, giver of good vibes and most importantly a giver of strength~ Kat

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