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3rd Annual OCRFA’s Super Saturday LA

“The Rolls-Royce of garage sales” – The New York Times

Super Saturday benefiting Ovarian Cancer Research Fund Alliance is nothing like you’ve ever seen before. Below are the logistics of this wonderful event but before you read about this amazing establishment let me tell you about Super Saturday and all it had to offer. Think of your local airport hanger, clear it out and create one massive stage, QVC was filming live, bringing you the consumer at home, products that were for sale at the event and sharing with all of you the fabulousness of OCRFA. The beauty behind the live show, you could be part of the party in your own living room, you could see the people, mini boutiques, entertainment, food and consumers shopping with a cause, we were all part of one giant extravaganza. QVC successfully brought the viewers the excitement and thrill of OCRFA fundraiser to all who couldn’t join us on this tremendous day.

There wasn’t a square inch of the hanger that wasn’t filled, imagine if you will top shops, designer boutiques, a total of 73 brand name shops selling their products at 30-50% off! Some of the name brands on hand were Kimora Lee Simmons, UGG, Hale Bob, Michael Stars, Three Dots, Lipstick Queen, Bonpoint, Laguna Candles, Helen Ficalora Jewelry, My Saint My Hero (who sold out before I got to them) and many more!

Each vendor has generously donated all the products for sale at their booths and 100% of the proceeds from each sale goes directly to OCRFA. From cosmetics, shoes, jewelry, accessories, candles, baby products, spa products, anything that you would need, it was there. A huge designer garage sale of hot and trendy must have products and once the booth sold out, that was it, there was no stock replenishment. The exclusivity of this event, the luxurious products, celebrities on hand, fun activities, it was just remarkable to see everyone out, shopping for a purpose, helping support such an important cause.

Our hosts Molly Sims and Rachel Zoe were gracious as ever, they took the time out to say hello to everyone, take pictures and answer questions. Thank you to all the sponsors that made this event possible, over 30 plus sponsors, just to name a few, Chrysler, Fuji, Casper, CONAIR, La Roche-Posy, Mary Kay, QVC, Simon G, WEN, PoP Chip, Cloud B, and Go Fore Golf. Special thanks to Barker Hanger, Classic Party Rentals, Dazian Creative, dOMAIN, Grant Associates, MKG, NCG Visuals, Paper Mart, Spin PR Group and VerTerra for putting on this stellar event. If you’re lucky enough to experience Super Saturday, I highly suggest you partake in this wonderful event that raises awareness of such a worthy cause, you shouldn’t miss out.

Ovarian Cancer Research Fund Alliance (OCRFA) "is the largest global organization dedicated to advancing ovarian cancer research while supporting women and their families. All of the proceeds from sales of merchandise, tickets and tables go toward funding OCRFA’s programs, including vital ovarian cancer research by the nation’s top scientists as they seek to end this terrible disease.


Ovarian Cancer Research Fund (OCRF) and the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance (OCNA) have led the way in research, advocacy and support for patients and their families for over 22 years.

In January 2016, we are pleased to announce we are joining together to form Ovarian Cancer Research Fund Alliance (OCRFA), the largest global organization dedicated to advancing ovarian cancer research while supporting women and their families.


Founded in 1994, Ovarian Cancer Research Fund (OCRF) awards grants to researchers working to better understand, identify, treat, and ultimately cure ovarian cancer. OCRF is the oldest and largest U.S. charity funding ovarian cancer research–only two government organizations, National Cancer Institute and Department of Defense, award more. Without sufficient grant support, researchers might otherwise turn their attention to other, better funded diseases. OCRF funding effectively enhances the breadth of the research enterprise in this nation directed specifically to ovarian cancer research.

OCRF has invested nearly $70 million in ovarian cancer research through 255 grants to scientists at 69 leading medical centers in the country. Eighty-four percent (84%) of every dollar spent directly supports OCRF’s programs. OCRF grantees are developing innovative strategies for early detection; exploring the genetics that increase risk; determining the underlying molecular biology; identifying new and better treatment targets; and deciphering how and why ovarian cancer spreads, and how to stop it. And all OCRF research grants are approved by our world-classScientific Advisory Committee comprised of leaders in the field, thus ensuring the highest caliber of selections.

In 2012, OCRF launched a national support program, Woman to Woman, for women undergoing treatment for gynecologic cancer. This unique program, originally founded at Mount Sinai Medical Center in Manhattan, pairs women who have undergone treatment with women who are currently going through it. With the support of our longtime partner, QVC, sites have been established at 22 medical institutions.With your support, OCRF continues to take the lead in funding the best and most promising ovarian cancer research in our quest to end this terrible disease."

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