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LEGOLAND® One World Trade Center

LEGOLAND® California I want to say thank you, thank you for inviting us to the unveiling of LEGOLAND® California Resort's LEGO® New York Miniland cluster and LEGO One World Trade Center event. Not only was it spectacular, it's breath taking. The whole theme park is remarkable, to see giant size elephants, giraffes, action figures made out of Legos is mind boggling. The dedication, love and the overwhelming thought that someone actually sat there placed a Lego one by one to create a masterpiece so millions of people can appreciate and love their creation is amazing.

It was thrilling to be part of LegoLand freedom Tower the Miniland version of One Trade Center is built with more than 250,000 Legos bricks, weighs more than 1000 pounds and stands 26 feet tall. It took eight master model builders over 1200 hrs. to complete the majestic Lego model. The site is breathtaking, NYC, Gotham City in all its glory. Carlsbad Police and their family members were there to celebrate this momentous occasion and assist with the ribbon cutting. It's always nice to see our men and woman in blue interacting with their community, they do so much for us, I loved how LegoLand acknowledged the importance of our police department and their families.

To truly appreciate the park you need two to three full days to enjoy every shenanigan you could possibly imagine. First off the Sea Life Aquarium is massive, the aquarium is "your child's first interactive guide to the life of the sea, combining active hands-on learning with fascinating educational talks and up close encounters with sea creatures including sharks, octopi and rays". There's so much to see, feeding if the Sharks is breathtaking, touching the seat stars is beautiful, each room has its own unique design. My so loved the built in slide over looking the aquarium, it's uber cool.

Then you've got the Waterpark which we could have spent all day there but we wouldn't have seen the theme park. "Ten Million gallons of fun with a LEGO-themed tower, slides to ride and rafts to build. You can also visit the water park from another world at the LEGO Legends of CHIMA Water Park with a wave pool and CHIMA-themed play areas". Let that sink in, ten million gallons of water! What you're imagining is nothing comparable to what it really is. SO MUCH FUN! They've got a great splash pad for your little ones, so no one misses out on the fun.

Last but not least, LegoLand Theme-park. Just a few of the sections of LegoLand were "Explorer Island is a section with themes of dinosaurs and exploration. It contains a large sand area where children may dig for "fossils" and the Gerstlauer-built "Coastersaurus" mini steel roller coaster, a close copy of the Legoland Germany junior coaster Drachenjagd, with a ride duration of approximately 2 minutes.

The Heartlake City section is based on the LEGO Friends brand marketed to girls. The area includes a number of Friends-themed attractions. Then there's Fun Town, it's a role-playing amusement area where guests simulate adult skills or professional identities.

Miniland USA is a 1:20 scale model miniature park featuring prominent architecture and symbols from seven areas in the United States. Certain models are visible throughout the Legoland park. It was constructed over the course of three years using more than 20 million LEGO bricks.

Miniland includes the Model Shop, the main design and building office for Legoland's US parks. A large viewing window allows guests to watch master model builders working on new models. Repairs and refurbishment of existing models are also conducted in the Model Shop.

Castle Hill is a medieval castle-themed area. The area includes a miniature golf course. The space had previously housed a "rock band" or "singing rock garden". The rock's original recording can still be heard on holes 12-18 on the course.

The most recent section of the theme park (opened in May 2008), which is designed to replicate the 1920s in Egypt. "Pharaoh's Revenge" involves guests firing foam balls at targets and at each other. On "Beetle Bounce" guests bounce nearly 15 feet (4.6 m) to nearly touch the enormous beetles above. "Cargo Ace", lets guests board one of eight planes to fly six feet into the air. "Lost Kingdom Adventure" is Legoland California's most recent attraction. Guests board and ride a roadster to recover stolen treasure by blasting targets with laser guns along their journey. Another recently opened attraction is "Dune Raiders", which is a slide.

In the Imagination Zone, visitors can ride a Wild Mouse-style roller coaster called the "Technic Coaster-Test Track"(formally Project X), choose from three different "4-D" movies called "Bob the Builder", "Spellbreaker", and "Clutch Powers" (a racing movie). Kids can also race Lego cars that they build themselves in Build 'n Test, play the "Maniac Challenge" in which guests play LEGO PC games, and program robots in "Mindstorms". Guests can also ride on "Bionicle Blaster", which is a version of the teacup ride, or the "Aquazone Wave Racers", a dual water carousel".

What I've mentioned above is a touch of the attractions they have, you can find more information on the LegoLand site. Thank you LegoLand for inviting not only to celebrate LegoLand Freedom Tower the Miniland version of One Trade Center but also to experience the park. It was such an amazing day, my son hasn't stopped talking about LegoLand, we will be back soon.

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