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Single Dress Curvy Collection

Last week I had the honor of attending Single Dress Plus Fall Curvy Collection held at Magnolia Restaurant in Hollywood. What a spectacular morning, meeting fellow bloggers, being privy to Single Dress Plus new fall collection and meeting the woman behind the empire.

If you’ve never heard of Single Dress Plus, it’s a line made for vivaciously curvy woman with style and flair. Galina Sobolev realized the market for curvy woman is practically untouched, she decided to launch Single Dress Plus and it’s been a huge success ever since. You may find there items on however to find their entire collection go to I can’t begin to tell how wonderful it is to be able to purchase a dress online, have it shipped and trying it on in the privacy of your own home. All of Single Dress Plus material is made of quality that will last you years to come. SDP has incorporated the Single Style Weapon, lining that stretches with you, no more confinement, sweating bullets that the lining is too tight or worse it might rip. There lining not only stretches, it’s breathable and comfortable.

Bravo to SDP for recognizing that all women need fashion, comfort and a variety of clothes to choose from. Thank you for inviting me to experience SDP and discovering your fashion forward styles. Pieces most sought after is their long flowing sheer shirt that may worn loose as a cover-up, or button it up and belted as a dress, the versatility of this staple piece is priceless. There’s a stunning scallop dress that can go from business meeting to dinner and drinks with the girls. All of their pieces are functional, easy to wear and practical. You won’t be breaking the bank to purchase a dress instead you’ll be making an investment to wear an outfit for years to come.

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