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Back to School Bullys

Gabby Douglas an Olympic Champion, representing United States of America, who has not just won one medal but THREE Olympic gold medals is being bullied! What's mind boggling for me is that this lovely 20 year old is being bullied about her hair, not placing her hand over her heart during the pledge of allegiance and being critiqued for the smallest things. Gabby comes from a military family, her mom spent almost 30 years in the military, her dad is a two-time Vietnam vet. When the Star Spangled Banner is played, "most military members either salute or stand to attention.”

It's a shame that instead of praising this young lady for her achievements, celebrating her hard work and dedication we have bullies spewing hate. They are sitting behind their computer, in the comfort of their home writing disgusting, vulgar and hurtful things to a young adult who has done more with her life than they have done in all of theirs. Bullying is a learned behavior which can be unlearned.

The Bullying that's occurring to Gabby Douglas shines a huge light on this epidemic, our children our returning to school and there’s always the one child who’s a bully and they are learning that behavior at home. That means you, yes you the parent, are a bully and your child is learning this disgusting behavior. Let's be frank, you're either a bully parent, or you're being controlled by your partner and said child has no power over the predicament, in turn they bully others at school, this is their form of communication. Being assertive, showing dominance, controlling behavior is an expression of their feelings. This type of assertion helps them to psychologically process their loss of control at home. Not only is this expression unhealthy for the child but for everyone surrounding them.

None the less, the child is learning a negative behavior and we've got to break the cycle of viciousness. As parents we need to step back and acknowledge what's happening, we must be vigilant, if our child is the aggressor we must put a stop to it. There is nothing to gain in harming another innocent child, we are responsible for our children and their actions.

It is important for us to understand that bullying is serious and has harmful effects not only for the child but the parent. Unfortunately in today's world bullying doesn't stop at school, it pours over into social media, a child can be bullied 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This can take a toll on any adult, can you imagine a child, how devastating this can be for them. Put it to you this way, would you want your child to be a target? If you answered no, then it's your responsibility to be an active parent in your child's life. Stop the bullying, ugliness and teach your child basic fundamentals of being kind, accepting of differences and you yourself be willing to grow and learn. Remember it all starts at home, are you accepting of others, tolerant, welcoming? If not pick one trait a week to work on, make a difference in yourself to see the change you wish to occur.

If you need help starting a conversation with your child please visit Stomp Out Bullying to help you navigate through this tough topic. Another asset wold be touching base with your children's teachers, principals and coaches for assistance. Bullying is everyone's problem, not just one parent.

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