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Everyone's talking about back to school but what about first day of school? Technically first day of preschool is really for moms to dress up our little ones and send them out into the world. Be still my beating heart, someone SLOW time for me. I went "back to school shopping" and bought a few things but nothing screamed out, "put this on for the first day of school" for my kiddo. The search was on, I had to find an outfit that I wanted him to wear, that was comfortable, will last through washes and most importantly, he will like wearing.

Stop the presses, I discovered FABKIDS! I now know why they’re called FABKIDS, because their clothes and shoe collection are FABULOUS. I'm putting it out there, I was a Gap lover but now FABKIDS has won my heart over. FABKIDS members get their first outfit for $9.95 most importantly they have sales! Beginning of every month you'll be emailed different styles to choose from and you place your order. You have until the 5th of the month to opt out without being charged, however if you cancel on the 6th you will be charged $29.95 that will roll over as credit to spend or save the following month.

With so many styles to choose from you can't go wrong, honestly it makes shopping so much easier, ships directly to you, you don't have to fight for a parking spot, zip in and out of stores searching through racks of clothes, corral your kids in a corner so they don’t shoot off into the abyss. This is all online, ships directly to you and no hassle returns or exchanges. I couldn't be more happier with FABKIDS, I pre-washed the clothes and they didn't shrink or fade. Try them out, you'll love it and you'll thank me later for introducing you to FABKIDS.

Check back on my

page in two weeks when we start school, first day he will be in his FABKIDS outfit!

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