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"The days are long but the years are short", I don't know who said this but they hit the nail on the nose. ROBEEZ shoes held their Fall 2016 and Spring 2017 at Au Fudge this past week. Seeing those tiny shoes took me back to when my little one was a baby. I remember researching brands, making sure that I purchased shoes that were stylish, comfortable, wouldn't hurt his little feet and most of all, washable.

The consensus was ROBEEZ and I never looked back. He loved wearing them, easy to slip on, didn't leave his little feet sweaty and so many designs to choose from. To say I loved them is an understatement. Previewing the new collection brought tears to my eyes, they were lovely. From Disney Collection, Superhero, Little Dump Truck and much more. Their Soft Soles collection for the boys and girls you have a choice of 20 different themes. Their Soft Sole Cozies which in reality are little booties comes in 16 colors and styles. Onto the Disney collection which was my favorite, they had 9 different Disney characters to choose from. As kids get a little older I recommend Mini Shoez, the Girls collection has 11 styles and Boys Mini Shoes has 9. Don't fret, they also make little socks to go with there shoes, a varity of color to choose from.

Not only was this event fun and informative but any event held at Au Fudge is icing on the cake. Au Fudge is the number one restaurant to take your family, not only for the delicious food but they have a children's room where kids play and you may dine with peace of mind knowing your kids are safe and having fun. Today was no different, we were served breakfast (BTW did I mention best food ever), which my picky eater promptly ate and he devoured the delicious ROBEEZ cookies. The room was filled with toys, fun filled craft corner and to top it off climbing the spiral staircase to the Treehouse is equivalent to being in a fairytale. Once you're on top there's cushions on the floor to lay down or in our case, jump on.

What a wonderful morning, thank you ROBEEZ and Au Fudge for the great memory and sharing your new collection with us before it hits the stores. To see more pics from the event, use hashtag #fallingforROBEEZ.

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