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Raising Baby ~ Alliance Of Moms

Recently I was invited to Moms Night Out with Alliance of Moms at Blue Ribbon Sushi. I’m honored to be surrounded by a group of women that are dedicated to make a difference in this world, particular make a difference not for just one person but for their child. To break the cycle of dysfunction, teach love, tolerance and how to live a life that will bring fulfillment.

The statistics are 75% of girls in foster care are pregnant by the age of 21, 40% of babies born to these girls will be detained in the first years of life and enter the foster care system themselves. This is devastating, together we can break this intergenerational cycle by providing these young parents with the education, resources and supportive community they deserve.

Alliance of Moms is an auxiliary of the Alliance for Children's Rights, we advocate Family, Education, Stability and Justice. We protect the rights of impoverished and abused children and youth so that they have safe, stable homes, healthcare and the education they need to thrive.

Alliance of Moms will be holding their annual Raising Baby Event and we need your help, if you can volunteer your time it would be greatly appreciated, if not donations would be appreciated. On the 24th of September, Alliance of Moms will invite one hundred pregnant and parenting teens in foster care to participate in Raising Baby. This event is a day of interactive workshops that empowers young people in foster care to become the kind of parents they want to be but never had themselves. Underserved foster youth engage with parenting experts and learn practical tips about how to help develop their babies’ brains during the critical first 3 years of life. While the young moms and dads are learning, Alliance of Moms member volunteers provide childcare for their kids. A DJ spins during breaks, lunch is provided and goody bags are gifted at the end of the day.

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