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Night Owl Nanny Care Sleep Trainers!

Night Owl Nanny Care is a group of Night Nurses, Doulas, and Sleep Training Specialist,

providing sleep training world wide via FaceTime or Skype. This group of women guide you

through the process of sleep training your infant or toddler quickly. Guided assistance for 30

days including; unlimited email, call, and text day or night.

They teach you techniques along the way that we have used with our own families. Our Sleep

Training Specialists have gone through in depth training and programs to make this an easy

transition in your home. Night Owl Nanny Care understands the importance of sleep for infants and toddlers to develop into healthy and strong children. They also know getting a full nights sleep is paramount for parents as well, especially when a full work day is awaiting after a sleepless night. Their passion is helping families get the sleep they need, so the family can have a better tomorrow. Night Owl Nanny Care has used their expertise to help thousands of families, and they look forward to helping yours.

Night Owl Nanny Care is located in Denver however they’ve partnered up with Baby&Co., they have locations throughout the United States They can also teach the parents how to sleep train via FaceTime or Skype. Parents looking to start sleep training their infants or toddlers will fill out a parent application online and then they will call or email to schedule training. It’s absolutely perfect, you can do everything from the comfort of your living room.

The owner Cecile Bergren is very hands on with the company and families. She surprisingly

enough started when she was just 11 years old, caring for her newborn cousin. It seems crazy

to her now, but she had a passion for infants at a very young age, and her family saw it and

trusted her with that gift. Calling her the ‘Baby whisperer’ at such a young age has given her 20

years of rewarding experience. Her passion is helping families sleep so they can enjoy their time

together even more. She loves to hear of the success stories and how things have improved

inside a home when everyone is sleeping. She laughs “While the Snickers commercials are

about not being yourself while you’re hungry, they are almost an exact duplicate of parents

trying to make it through the day on no sleep.” Night Owl Nanny Care wants to help.

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