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Ice Age 5: Collision Course

“Your favorite ICE AGE heroes are back and cooler than ever in this all-new

animated adventure that’s mammoth-sized fun for the whole family! Scrat’s

epic pursuit of the elusive acorn catapults him into the universe, where he

accidentally triggers a series of cosmic events that threaten the Ice Age world.

Now the entire herd—including Buck, Manny, Ellie, Sid and Diego—must work

together on a hilarious journey filled with nonstop action and colorful new”.

We were lucky enough to be invited to Discovery Cube OC for the launch of ICE AGE 5 DVD and it was spectacular. ICE AGE holds a special place in my heart, not only have I seen all the ICE AGE movies but I was invited to the Press junket for ICE AGE 5 earlier this year. So for me it was extra special being part of the DVD launch. Seeing Scrat back in action and the entire gang was thrilling. If you’ve seen at least one ICE AGE movie you know that SCRAT is the troublemaker, oblivious to his shenanigans and the ruckus he creates because he’s forever chasing his beloved acorn. This time however SCRAT almost ends the world! This is where the Discovery Cube OC ties in. They have educational interactive exhibits that captivate even the youngest child to learn and grow. Not only will your children enjoy the movie but at the DCOC they will learn first hand what it feels like to blast off.

If you’ve ever wanted to land a rover on Mars, send a satellite up to space, or dock at the International Space Station, you don’t want to miss Mission Control. In Mission Control, you’re in charge of the selected mission and it’s your job to successfully complete each one. Mission Control allows you to step inside a replica of the Jet Propulsion Lab’s control room for the ultimate hands-on space mission! This immersive exhibit allows the next generation of innovators to learn about the wonders of aerospace and the science behind launching rovers and satellites.

Next take a ride as a Rocket scientists, you are cleared for launch inside the Boeing Rocket Lab! Feel the heat and experience a rocket launch in the Blast-Off Zone or launch your own rockets in the Rocket Fuel Station. Boeing Rocket Lab is designed for kids (and kids at heart) who love all things space and want to learn about the science of space, rockets and engineering.

When you exit off the Rocket make your way to the Planetary Research Station. You’ll be able to view the earth on a suspended, animated globe from a completely unique vantage point. Explore weather patterns, observe historic storms and relive catastrophic earthquakes. It’s a view of Earth you’ve never seen before. Explore weather patterns and observe historic storms exactly as they occurred. Relive catastrophic earthquakes and see the impact of their aftershock. Observe flight patterns around the globe as lights soaring across the night sky.

Now that you’ve seen what the world looks like make your way to The Science of Hockey. Put on a helmet, grab a hockey stick and get ready to play! Explore the fascinating science behind the world’s fastest sport through hands-on exhibits created in association with the Anaheim Ducks. Score a goal, ride on a Zamboni, and suit-up for a first-hand look at hockey with the Ducks. Velocity, Strength, Impact. Sounds like your average night around the Honda Center in Anaheim, or any other NHL rink. But if you were to peel back the outer skin of a hockey game, what would those terms – velocity, strength, impact – mean? What is their very nature, and how do they apply to professional sports’ fastest game?

Once you've watched ICE AGE 5, visited DCOC and explored these exhibits, you’ll understand how they tie in and why they are amazing!!!!!!! Now onto the once in a lifetime experience that we encountered. I had the privilege of meeting and hearing Director Galen Chu speak regarding behind the scenes of ICE AGE 5. Story Artist Jony Chandra drew our beloved characters and brought them to life for us and Professor Abby Kavner from UCLA who spoke about the real world impact of SCRATS antics in space and brought insight into the space world. We had so much fun trying to copy Mr. Chandra when he was drawing, unfortunately my stick figure will not go far in the animation world. Being surrounded by people of this magnitude, creativity and having them take time out to speak to us was remarkable. Thank you Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment for bringing us all together for a day of creativity, ingenuity and having an educational impact not only on my little one but me!

Pre-order your copy of ICE AGE 5 here!

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