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Testing Mom

I’ve been researching on how to help my little one out in school because school is truly different from when I attended. I ran across Testing Moms and fell in love with the simplicity of the program. Your child’s next test—especially if it’s an admissions exam or gifted assessment—may impact their entire educational future. It’s too important to leave to chance, and often too daunting for parents to take on themselves. Noticing the number of parents with nowhere to turn but expensive tutors, and faced with her son’s own learning challenges, Karen Quinn co-founded Using some of the very resources you’re about to discover, Karen’s son went from the 37th percentile in his age group to the 94th, and he was accepted to their first choice school.

Testing Mom is affordable, you can join our program for less than the cost of one tutoring session in most markets. Testing Mom helps with Test Prep + Skill Building! If you find your child is struggling in any subject area or if you want to enrich your child’s abilities, they give you immediate access to award-winning learning programs from the top names in education. Testing Moms offers online and offline Access, their resources can be accessed through computers, tablets and phones, AND they offer offline practice for parents who want to limit their child’s online exposure. Testing Moms is Easy to Use, I love that. As soon as you join, your child can get started. Work with their program in the comfort of your own home and at your convenience.

Testing Mom expert guidance is always available to advise you on how to help your child. Just try to find a real life expert to answer your questions if you buy a workbook or go to any other test prep website. You won’t! Testing Mom is Fully Accredited, is the only accredited test prep program for students Pre-K to 8th Grade. Their program has been reviewed for quality and accredited by the National Council for Private School Accreditation and by Accreditation International. Testing Mom is truly For Involved Parents, they believe that a parent is a child’s most important teacher and advocate. No one will work with your child to build his/her abilities the way you will. They will show you how, it’s easy and fun.

Testing Mom Site Features, fun Skill-building games, challenging learning activities, test prep materials for all 50 states (including state standards and Common Core).

Plus! Parents can customize each child's program by choosing practice questions for state standard, Common Core and IQ tests, assessments required for entry into gifted and talented programs as well as testing needed for private school admissions. understands that setting up your child up for educational success is a parent’s most important job. Their online educational program was designed by parents (with the support of education professionals) to help other parents and their kids aged Pre-K through 8th grade develop a lifelong love of learning. Encourage your readers to get started with for free with these 100 Free Skill Building Practice Questions for Pre-K to 8th Graders. Check them out! You will love and appreciate what they have to offer.

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