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Allergan, ItsMyTurn!

Allergan has taken the time out to understand that as a mom, we focus on everyone else. Now, it’s our turn to focus on ourselves. They’ve created a website that eliminates googling doctors for a procedure you might be interested in performing. They’ve gathered the best of the best doctors that the endorse and they are now at your disposal! you may find information on the doctors, locations, procedures available, recovery time and interact with a Allergan specialist via contact us and most importantly up-to-date information on their blog. knows that moms are amazing, from watching our growing belly during pregnancy and the holding our little one for the first time. And with those memorable moments come changes to your body that may be a little less than amazing. It’s common for women to see a change in their body after pregnancy, especially their breasts.1 Sagging or deflated breasts after having children is common and research shows that breastfeeding isn’t the cause. Sagging is largely determined by weight loss, aging, breast size, and how many times you’ve been pregnant.

Another area where changes take place is the belly. After pregnancy, the tissue, muscle, and skin on your abdomen can be too weak and stretched out to tighten on its own—no matter how much you diet and exercise. When you’re ready do something for yourself, ask your surgeon about Allergan aesthetic products. You and your surgeon can choose from a full range of offerings. A board-certified plastic surgeon is an obvious choice if you’re interested in a breast lift, breast augmentation or a tummy tuck after children, but their expertise is actually much broader. Surgeons are also experts in nonsurgical facial treatments and even skin care.

Allergan, a trusted leader in aesthetics, recently launched the “My Breasts, My Body, My Turn” initiative that encourages women to focus on themselves after all they do for their families.

Visit to explore all your breast and body treatment options and to hear real stories from moms like you who have decided it’s their turn. Thank you Allergan for such an informative site that helps navigate questions and ease concerns.

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