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How to Make a Teletubbies Costume

Halloween is three days away, do you have a costume? No you say, do you have the items below, here’s how to make a Teletubbies Costume. Making a costume is easy with some help from a footed sleeper. All you need is a little sewing skills and a willing model for those fittings. Here's how to make a Teletubbie costume!

Things You'll Need
  • Footed zipper sleeper in a Teletubbie color

  • 1/2 yard matching fleece

  • 2 feet of fabric-covered wire

  • Matching thread

  • Polyester fiberfill

  • Hook and loop closures

  • Small silver piece of fabric

Gather the Items You Need

  • Grab a footed sleeper of a solid Teletubbie color in red, green, yellow or purple. Bring this with you to the fabric store for Step 2.

  • Find matching fleece for the hood of the costume. You will need about ½ yard.

  • Gather the other items you need. Get about 2 feet of fabric-coated wire, a small piece of silver fabric, polyester filling and thread to match your Tubbie color.

Sew the Antenna and Hood

  • Cut two matching pieces of the antenna shape out of your fleece and sew around the edges leaving the bottom open. Don't worry too much about the shape because you'll be putting the wire in to stiffen it.

  • Feed the wire through the antenna and attach it to the middle of two 6-inch pieces of covered wire. This should leave you with an "X" shape at the end sticking out of the fleece antenna, which will stabilize it. Then fill your Teletubbie antenna with polyester fiberfill around the wire.

  • Measure from the brow of your child's head down to the nape of his neck. Transfer this measurement onto a folded piece of fleece and lightly draw a semicircle in the shape and length of his head. Then draw another semicircle connecting the two ends of the first.

  • Make the hood by cutting out these two pieces. Mark where the top of the hood is and place the antenna contraption upside-down in between the two sides of the hood, having the base of the antenna at your marking. Sew the outer edge together and check for fit. You might want to tack the 6-inch wires to the hood to keep them from moving.

Complete Your Teletubbie

  • Cut a rectangle of silver fabric about the size of your cherub's tummy and tack it to one side of the zipper on the sleeper.

  • Tack a hook and loop closure to the other side of the silver fabric rectangle and sleeper to hold it in place. This is safer than a safety pin.

  • Check for fit. Don't be afraid to tuck or modify, especially with the hood and antenna. Those Teletubbie costume antennas can be tricky and it may take a couple of tries before you find something that will stand upright.

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