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Thanks + Giving!

Congratulations to City Mom Apps for hosting Thanks + Giving at Au Fudge this past week. The

event was in partnership with a Magic Penny, whose mission is to engage families, with children of all ages in philanthropy through frequent and diverse volunteer and charitable opportunities. Families collected and brought donations for Bedtime Bags to be provided to children in the foster care system.

Seedling, Books and Cookies, Sign Shine and Au Fudge joined us to engage and create with the kids around the themes of gratitude and community service. Au Fudge also extended an invitation to stay and enjoy dinner at special rate that day for a family and friends dinner.

What is a Bedtime Bag Drive?

Each family to brought comfort to a foster child by donating bedtime supplies. These Bedtime Bags included a blanket, book, and night light and or flashlight. Optional items included a toothbrush, toothpaste, washcloth, bath soap, blankie and stuffed toy. City Mom Apps donated the tote bags for the event for the supplies.

Make sure you download City Mom Apps to know the latest and greatest locations to take your little one to class and most off all get a discount!

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