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Disneyland Rope Drop & Tips

With the holidays upon us it got me thinking how can we get the most out of our Disneyland visit?


Join the opening ceremonies each morning with Mickey and the Gang as they welcome you to the most magical place on earth! Rise and shine, I’m going to let you in on the “Rope Drop” at Disneyland, this is when they open the Magic Kingdom, AKA, the Happiest Place on Earth. I hear you, “I don't want to be at the park at 8 am, I want to sleep”. I get that but while you’re sleeping your neighbor has already been on 5 rides. Disneyland opens at 10 am in the morning unless it’s an Extra Magic Hour morning and then it opens at 9 am (on Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday). Around 9:45 the welcome show starts and it lasts for 10 minutes, have your coffee in hand, it will be a fun show so you want to be awake for it.

You want to get to Disney early, especially during peak seasons like now. They open at 10 am and it starts getting busy by 11:30. Later in the afternoon, between 4 and 6 pm, is smooth. Just know from 12-3 you’ll encounter a crowd, so be patient, good things comes to those who wait. Download the the Disney App, this will help you immensely. The Disney App will allow you to check park hours, view wait times, locate your favorite Disney characters and you’re able to browse their interactive map.

When entering Disneyland, security will check your bags, to make this go smoother, have your bags unzipped before you reach the table. When you’re going through security, there are always 2 lines. One on the left side of the table and one on the right. The security guards are trained to take a guest from the left and then take a guest from the right. Remember everyone will be lining up in one line, since you know this tip go ahead and go to the opposite side. Another tip, when welcomed into Disney, everyone subconsciously goes right, you go left. Don’t follow the crowd, go the exact opposite of everyone else, this way you can catch the rides without a line.

I’m going to put this out there, every parent's worst nightmare but this will help you reunite with your kiddo faster. Take pictures of your kids in the morning before heading into the park, that way you know what they are wearing head to toe. When you're in a state of panic you might freeze, it’s better to be safe and take a quick pic. Point out to your children cast members by their name tags. Don’t point out costume wearing cast members because their outfits change, point out the mainstays who’s wearing a badge with their hometown written on it. Another piece of advice, purchase a clear silicone bracelet for your kiddo, take a black non- washable marker and write your phone number on the outside of the bracelet so a cast member can call you in case your child forgets your number. Did you know “ Signal 70” means there is a lost parent, kids are never referred to as “lost” to keep them from panicking.

Stroller parking is madness at Disneyland, if you can, tie a balloon to your stroller so you can spot it from far away! When you’re on a ride sometimes cast members move strollers to fill in the gaps to make room for other strollers. This will help you find yours quickly and most importantly another mom won’t pick up your stroller by accident.

Not a Disney annual pass holder, did you know if you buy a one day pass and decide to become a member you may take your ticket to the ticketing window and they will apply your purchase price of that ticket towards your annual pass. Also as a annual pass member you’ll receive 10% off food and non-alcoholic beverages at select table-service restaurants! Wait it gets better, you’ll also be able to get 10% off at the souvenir shops.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me, remember if you miss a ride or a show, your little one will never know. They’re just happy to be there, so enjoy your time and don’t place unnecessary pressure on yourself. You’re amazing as it is, you're at Disneyland, you are the coolest parent! Happy holidays and see you at Disneyland!

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