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Kayo Better Body Care

Taking care of one of the largest organs on our bodies, our skin, is just as important as the care we show the delicate skin on our face. I’m going to share with you what I found during my research in finding the ultimate product. You too can incorporate these pieces as well to keep the integrity of your skin tight, toned, healthy, and radiant. More importantly you want a skincare line that will leave your skin feeling soft without a funky smell or greasy residue. Perfect timing for bringing out the holiday glow.

My quest lead me to Kayo! Before I talk about Kayo, I have to mention they are local in LA, to be specific, Malibu. Anytime I can support a local business that in turn supports our community it’s a win win! Kayo Better Body Care which is a new skincare line developed by these 2 fantastic women who are experts in the health, wellness and the beauty industry. Kayo is a luxury skincare line formulated specifically for the body. Creators Christine Bullock and Carrington Snyder were frustrated that nothing out in the marketplace met the demands of anti-aging, hydration and quality for the rest of our body so they created it themselves. The line is getting raves from the NY Times, W, Shape, Self, Marie Claire, Elle, InStyle, Well + Good, Brydie, Yahoo Beauty, Robb Report and Forbes to name a few.

The Kayo line currently consists of 5 products:

~The Body Beautiful Creme, leaves the skin velvety to the touch, and youthfully radiant after each use.

~ Concentrated Slimming Serum, this refining treatment serum helps smooth and firm to reduce the appearance of cellulite based on a blend of firming ingredients.

~ Daily Remodeling Serum is a multifunctional hydrating serum and is instilled with Copper Peptides to help remodel the appearance of skin.

~ Vitamin Boost supplements your skin’s nutrition by providing it with the most important replenishing vitamins. Vitamin B3, B5, C, D3, E, and K.

~ Evening Oil elixir delivers the power of a serum and the hydration of a body oil, restoring healthy, firm, radiant skin.

We spend tons of money on products for our face but we neglect the other 95% of our skin. Why is this, our body needs just as much TLC as our face! I’d print this article out and hand it to Santa to have your stocking filled with these goodies, you’re going to thank me. xo

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