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Gathre Mat for Every Occasion!

Having children, especially little ones means every product that we purchase has to enhance our lives, simplify it and most important of all the care for said product has to be minimal. Which brings me to our post, get ready to thank me for bringing you this amazing mat. Every mat I’ve owned has been hassle, from washing it (wash separately, hot or cold water,special detergent), shrinking or color fading and the kicker, stains not coming out, you name it and I’ve experienced it. Having said that, I am in awe with our new Gathre mat, this is what Oprah talks about, that AHA moment, so simple but profound. The mat feels amazing to the touch, fits up to 10 people (maxi mat), you can fold it and take it anywhere or leave it stationary as a rug in your childs room. For us since the weather is cooler we’re using it as a mat for my little ones room, but once the weather warms up it will be our mat for the beach and picnics at the park. I have to add my mom borrows our mat weekly for her card games, it’s a great tablecloth, stays in place and the cards don’t fly off the table. Talk about multi functional!

Gathre was founded in 2014 by Marilee and Devin Killpack and Jessica Eraso, parents of

young children. While living in a small apartment without central air conditioning, cooking dinner would heat up the Killpack’s apartment so it became a nightly tradition to dine al fresco every night that summer on a blanket on the lawn. Thanks to messy toddlers, Marilee washed that bulky blanket all the time and laundry just wasn’t her thing. Together with her husband Devin and her business partner Jessica they began to look for a solution that was more portable, easier to clean and stylish. With this in hand, they created Gathre, a line of beautiful, functional and luxurious leather mats. Gathre mats are available in an array of colors and sizing and seasonal Collections Gathre’s mission is to inspire people to recognize the grand and simple moments around them. Whether it be gathering memories, loved ones, adventure and all things beautiful.

The founders behind Gathre were inspired to create their line from this quote: “Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not”-Ralph Waldo Emerson Based in Provo, Utah. All Gathre Mats are made from premium bonded leather which is a wipeable surface with a sturdy suede backside. This combination is just as luxurious as it is waterproof. Gathre is proud that their leather is safe for children and does not contain phthalates or lead, and meets California Proposition 65 product-safety standards.

Gathre’s teeny leather mat is ideal for diaper changes and stores easily in a purse, car or house. It’s also a perfect size to double as a pretty, wipeable placemat. The Micro Mat is a great gift idea too for baby showers, new mom gifts and more.

Gathre’s leather highchair mat offers the perfect amount of space to keep up with a growing baby. This mat can be put to work under a toddler at mealtimes to keep falling food from making a mess on the floor. Just a few quick wipes and it’s clean again! It is also a perfect size to be used for tummy time and it alleviates the need to do laundry after every inevitable spit-up.

One of Gathre’s most popular mat sizes, this leather mat makes adventuring stylish and easy. Spread it out for arts and crafts, at the pool, during a park visit or for any other activity whether indoors or outdoors. The best part is it wipes down seamlessly so your friends and family can come with you (accomodates a gathering of 4), but all the messes won’t.

Gathre’s largest leather mat is perfect for a picnic in the park, seating at an outdoor concert or a fun party, or laying out beachside. Wipe it off to get rid of any mess, or give it a few quick shakes to remove sand and water. It’s bigger than a king sized bed to fit a gathering of up to 10 people. The Maxi Mat folds up more compactly than a blanket, so carrying it around is effortless.

Designed for those with too much to hold and not enough hands to do so, Gathre has created a simple leather carrier to hold what matters! Whether mats are rolled, neatly folded, or tossed into a messy pile, they will store and tote well in the new leather carrier. Free of bulky hardware, this slick carrier design allows for the adjustment of the carrying size to fit different mats shapes and sizes inside (suited for toting Midi and Maxi mats). And even dad won’t mind carrying this around town. Just throw it over your shoulder and #carryitwithyou.

Shop the Gathre Mat Collection which includes Maxi mat, Midi mat, Mini mat, Micro mat and Leather carrier. Available online at and at boutiques and specialty store nationwide including Land of Nod stores.

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