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Bye Bye Baby Monitors, Hello Logi Circle!

Life now a days goes by at the speed of light or it just seems like that. As it’s flying by we might miss out on moments, wanting to connect with family members, or seeing our little ones face and the biggest wonder, what do our four legged babies do all day? Life is happening and we can’t be everywhere at once, however with Logi Circle, the new smart home connection camera we can be. You can experience your home as it’s happening with Real-Time HD Video and 2-way Audio. You can even go back to those magical moments captured with Circle’s Smart Filtering technology or review the whole day in a 30-second video clip with Daily Summaries. From intelligent software to being portable and rechargeable, Circle is designed so you don’t miss a thing.

Setup is superbly simple, switch the Circle camera on and it should pair easily with your phone over Bluetooth. Download the application on your phone, both Android and iOS offer the application at no charge. With real-time HD (1080p, not full HD) video-capturing, wide-angle viewing, and an 8x zoom, you can tune in to watch what’s happening in your house, wherever you are in the world. Curiously, the camera also serves up a 30-second “Day Brief” of all the best events it has captured on a given day, enabled in part by Logitech’s so-called “Scene Intuition” which “adapts to your home to identify and record interesting activity.” Circle’s other pluses, it offers a two-way “talk and listen” feature, so anyone with the app installed on their phone, that has synced up with your Circle can turn off the speaker.

Logi Circle can either be permanently plugged in to your main power supply, where it sits comfortably on a little charging ring, or you can pick the camera up and put it anywhere within range of a Wi-Fi connection, it promises three hours on battery, and “up to 12 hours” in power-save mode. It also has a night-vision feature, which could be useful for capturing wild animals roaming in your backyard, or use it as a baby-monitor, or in my case a toddler monitor, “What are you doing, you can’t fly,” my voice coming out of the blue stops him.

“There’s a new movement in home monitoring,” said Vincent Borel, director of new ventures at Logitech. “The nature of today’s connected world is changing the way people interact with cameras in the home. Video surveillance is no longer just about security, it’s about staying connected with our homes and loved ones.”

Logi Circle comes with 24 hours of free cloud storage also note that you can also download videos directly to your device. I love this device, I wish it was out when my son was a baby, hands down I would have bought Logi Circle as a baby monitor. Now I’m able to use Circle to see what he’s up to and play some pranks on the family.

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