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Everyone should be drinking Rose Water with Saffron! H2rOse​ is a specialty beverage uniquely made of rose water, saffron and other natural ingredients. H2rOse transformed the idea of drinking water by adding the benefits of rosewater and saffron​ to create a refreshing and innovative beverage. Co-Founder Kia Illulian has fond memories of drinking rose water

as a child, as rose water is an essential ingredient in Persian culture, and wanted to create a beverage that would be both beneficial to health and delicious, aka: Healthy Hydration.

Rose water is a mood enhancer and helps with the relief of occasional nervous tensions and soothes the mind. Rose water is also known to improve the quality of sleep and improve skin texture and appearance. Its unique benefits were not unknown even to historical figures like Italian Renaissance artist Michelangelo who used to drizzle rose water or “acqua di rose” in his tea everyday and Cleopatra who was regularly bathing her face and body in it. Saffron is equally empowering, with its properties as a natural remedy, dating back to ancient times, which supports many functions such as easing digestion, soothing irritated stomachs, enhancing moods and reducing occasional anxiety and compulsive eating. The combination of both of these distinct ingredients and the crisp, light and refreshing taste of H2rOse

creates a beautiful beverage that will allow you to reap the benefits of health and beauty from within.

H2rOse is available in four different flavors: apple, mango, peach and wild berry. The four

delicious flavors are available in a distinctive box including a few rose petals as the perfect finishing touch!

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