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The Fab Mom's Guide by Jill Simonian

Belairmommie was recently invited to the book launch of one our favorite mommies, Jill Simonian. Our contributor Jessica attended this auspicious occasion held at AuFudge.

I walked into Au Fudge a little later than I wanted because I decided to take Lyft Lite who side routed to pick up a passenger, I'm glad I did because when I entered there was already a good crowd of people mingling about, the energy was bursting at the seam. The music was playing, the food was out, and the representing moms from Austlen Baby Co were in full effect demonstrating the stroller of any mothers dream. Yes, it was lightweight, compact, easy installation and a convenient bag for storage. It just so happens the Nail Gardens booth was open so I promptly sat down and partook in a manicure. On the other side of the room, a wall was covered with an assortment of pink balloons as a backdrop to capture memories. Still kicking myself for not getting a picture of myself in front of it!

The Fab Mom's Guide launch was amazing. I was in a room full of mother entrepreneurs invited specifically by Jill herself, the author because they have all somehow helped encourage her to write this book. A book that guides new mothers to stay "fabulous" and bounce back after having a child, because let's face it, we're all juggling zillion things at once and could use some insight on how to stay afloat. Best part, besides her book, of course, is she gave away wine glasses etched with a statement to remind us that we are all "the FAB mom." Thank you, Mom.Me and Jill for a spectacular night, Jill we look forward to book #2!

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