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Yoga Book with Windows, The Ultimate On-The-Go Windows Creativity Tablet

Lenovo Yoga Book is none like others! It’s lightweight, attractive and the size of a notebook, it’s sleek design is stunning. The Yoga Book comes with Windows 10, Intel Atom x5-Z8550 Processor (2M Cache, Quad-Core, Up to 2.4 GHz) and battery life with general usage is 13 hours. The consistent design makes the Yoga Book aesthetically appealing, it’s sexy. While the display-bearing tablet is cookie cutter, the connected keyboard with no keys is unique. The Yoga Book also comes with Lenovo's Real Pen and a magnetic pad of paper, allowing you to draw both on the keyboard itself and on paper to digitize notes and artwork. The Yoga Book is similar to a tablet, with it’s 10-inch display, solid speakers, and extra software to enable superior streaming. The Yoga Book can also be positioned in “tent mode,” this is perfect to binge watch your favorite shows.

The Yoga Book is 10.1-inch size, 1.5-pound weight, and 9.6mm thickness when closed which makes it an incredibly light and portable device. Adding to that svelte profile is the matte magnesium alloy shell and Lenovo-signature watchband hinge. I have never in my life seen such a gorgeous non existent keyboard! The keyboard looks like an illusion, brought to life by you. There are no physical buttons or keys on it, when you power up the Yoga Book, the backlight illuminates the outlines of traditional keys and the trackpad. The keyboard also doubles as a Wacom digitizer, allowing you to use the Real Pen and the new Crate Pad with it to draw and scribble on the screen. Do you know what this means? When you’re taking notes it automatically gets transferred into your computer! Stop right here, do you hear angels singing like I do?

Yoga Book comes with an additional attachment called the Book Pad. This is a magnetic board that fits over the keyboard and has dotted A5-sized paper in it. You can use the ink refills for the Real Pen to write on the paper and have those notes digitized, thanks to the Create Pad technology. When you run out of paper, you can add more A5-sized paper and continue to have physical and digital notes. But that’s not all, you can swap out the Real Pen’s stylus nib for an actual ballpoint refill and use it like any other pen. With a sheet of paper or even a pad laid over the Create Pad surface, you can write or sketch on an actual surface, while the Yoga Book automatically and instantaneously digitises the exact same strokes on screen. Lenovo bundles a paper pad which is just the right size for the Create Pad’s surface and snaps into place magnetically. Anything you write or draw lines up perfectly with the screen.

The Yoga Book is a work of art! It’s matte black, sleek and with its magnesium-aluminum alloy shell makes it sturdy and luxurious. I’m in awe of the “watchband” hinge that enables it to open 360 degrees and how the Yoga Book folds smoothly. I absolutely love my laptop and you bet this will be going into our Mother’s Day gift guide. Every mom needs a Yoga Book to make life easier, it’s portable, fits in any diaper bag and it's ready to go. Get it NOW and see for yourself how stunning and functional the Yoga Book is.

Disclaimer ~ Content created as part of a relationship with Lenovo, opinion and my love for the Yoga Book are all my own.

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