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Ali Larter hosts the STOP, BREATHE & THINK KIDS app launch at Rabbit Ladders in Platform LA. Attending families checked out the new app on ipads, made Mindful Glitter Jars, participated in Mindful Coloring, Face-painting & Glitter tattoos, and enjoyed mini sandwiches, fruit and pastries from Joan’s on 3rd & snacks from The Honest Company. Rabbit Ladders is Located at Platform LA: 8840 Washington BLVD, Culver City.

Stop, Breathe & Think Kids is a new mindfulness app for children and I have 2 young ones I have a 6 year old boy, and a 2 ½ year old little girl and they also always want to grab their screens but this app is one of those times that’s really special where they can go on and pick the emotions that they’re feeling. Whether its “hyper or curious” my son often picks “proud” and then it sends you to a game or activity that helps kids unwind. There’s one about Bigfoot that he really gravitates toward before bedtime. It’s a really powerful tool to help guide kids to get in tune with their emotions.”

Children’s mindfulness app Stop, Breathe & Think Kids has launched targeted for ages 5-10 available on Itunes HERE. The free app features customized content and activities based on user emotions and provides tools to help children develop mindfulness and emotional awareness. Stop, Breathe & Think Kids offers an easy and fun way for kids to identify and process their emotions through emoji based check-ins, games, and stickers to reward them on their progress. The app is Co-founded by Jamie Price and Julie Campistron in collaboration with author of Mindful Games, Susan Kaiser Greenland.

Stop, Breathe & Think 's mission is to help the world find peace of mind anywhere. Its 5 star rated app, winner of the 2017 Webby People’s Voice Award for Health, is paving the way to everyday emotional wellness with customized content and activities based on user emotions. Co-Founded by Jamie Price and Julie Campistron,Stop, Breathe & Think has reached a large consumer appeal with over 2.6M organic downloads. Its personalized experience has been praised by users and media and has allowed the team to collect a wealth of emotional data, with over 7M emotional check-ins to date. Stop, Breathe & Think was born out of Tools for Peace (TFP), a non-profit dedicated to inspiring kindness and compassion in everyday life, teaching concrete skill development for at-risk youth and adults. 10% of Stop Breathe & Think ’s net sales work to fund TFP and help further this mission. Download the App here:

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