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Wonder Woman Gift Ideas!

Wonder Woman is headed your way june 2, make sure you pick up your Wonder Woman gear before it's all gone. xo

Show off your Amazon princess status with this Wonder Woman movie inspired necklace, styled after her tiara, which features a Themyscira star.

Take your favorite Amazon Princess wherever you go with this handy red phone case featuring the Wonder Woman logo and star design.

This tote bag features the film emblem. This design is based on the film, Wonder Woman.

The warrior princess joins the Pop! collection with this stylized vinyl figure based on her look in the Wonder Woman movie.

Drink a toast to the Amazon Princess with this 11 oz. mug, featuring the Wonder Woman logo along with a reminder of what she stands for.

If you're looking for a way to rep the world's great superheroine wherever you go, look no further than this stylish satin bomber jacket.

Fandango has a slew of Wonder Woman goodies! In addition to a special Fandango Pass to see the highly anticipated film ($12.99), they are also offering exclusive Wonder Woman products via their new Fandango FanShop. The Wonder Woman grey t-shirt ($21.99) and exclusive Wonder Woman Pin Set ($15.99) are particular standouts! Additionally, a FandangoNOW gift card provides access to over 40,000 movies and TV series to own or rent via Fandango's at-home digital service.

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