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Little Loafers For Little Feet: Introducing Oscar’s For Kids

I recently discovered Oscar's shoes for kids and am TOTALLY in love! Check out these adorable shoes and mamas order two sizes larger than the size you normally get your little one. My son wears an 11 and I ordered the 12, it runs small, but the quality is amazing. Honestly I haven'e seen shoes of this quality and unique style in a long time. You'll love it and your little one will be the coolest kiddo wearing them!

Oscar's For Kids is a sweet and stylish collection of soft suede loafers and sandals created with curious children in mind. Based in Sydney, Australia and available worldwide, Oscar’s For Kids features a year-round collection of handmade leather loafers in an array of colors ranging from vibrant red, dusty pink, and sky blue from ages 9 months up to 9 years. These slip-on boat shoes are available in two classic loafer styles, Capri and Milan, as well as striped sandals for warmer weather in U.S. sizes 5 up to 2 youth. Loafers and sandals start at $27 wholesale.

“Oscar’s For Kids came to life after my mother, who lives in Brazil, sent my toddler son Oscar a beautiful pair of red leather loafers which she had found during her travels overseas,” said Dea Manassen, who founded the collection in 2015. “Ever since, no matter where we were, lovely strangers would stop to admire his little red loafers. Once he grew out of them, I searched everywhere for another pair with absolutely no luck. It was then that I decided to create my own range of ‘mini me’ loafers, handmade from the finest suede, in beautiful styles and colors just for kids.”

Designed to comfortably accommodate wide and narrow feet due to the soft suede moulding to each individual foot, every pair of Oscar’s For Kids features an invisible cushion in the back to protect the heel and stay in place no matter how active the child. Oscar’s For Kids is currently sold online and in over 50 stores worldwide, including Saks Fifth Avenue and To learn more, please visit

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