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Micro Kickboard

Talk about childhood unplugged, Micro Kickboard will not only get your kids out and playing but some epic fun is to be had. I have to admit one of the main reasons I am in LOVE with Micro Kickboard is because of its employees, when you run across a company, and their employees are passionate about their products and actually care about their clients, the product will always be phenomenal. The amount of care, detail work, follow up that’s displayed is astonishing, I haven't come across this level of customer service in a long time. I’m riveted by the level of dedication all the employees have at Micro Kickboard.

Now onto Micro Mini Kickboard, scooting is all about getting from A to B safely, while having fun, and there couldn’t be a better way for our little ones! Many kids use Micro to commute from and to school, even adults are now using scooters, scooters work well because they’re foldable and lightweight. They also can be ridden on sidewalks, useful for those who like to get places in a hurry but are wary of riding in the street. We love using ours at the park and boardwalk, it's what summer days are made of.

Mom and dad, you can now get in on the action. Micro Kickboard recently launched their new emicro one hybrid electric scooter, which won the 2016 Eco-Excellence Award in the Alternative Ride category. What's so special about the innovative electric scooter? You can't tell just by looking, everything electrical is hidden, the motor is inside the back wheel and the battery is in the footboard of the scooter. The hybrid design of the emicro one means it can be used as a kick scooter or in electric mode using the motion controlled technology. With every kick or push, the motor provides additional speed but can also be ridden with no assistance, like a conventional scooter. After the first kick has activated the motor, both feet can be placed on the footboard and body motion used to engage the motor to increase or maintain speed. Use of the back wheel brake slows the scooter while charging the battery through regenerative braking.At 16.5 lbs., the emicro one is very light for an electric scooter and still packs a lot of power. Riders can reach up to 12 mph and travel up to 10 miles on one charge. It features an elegant design, and looks a lot like a traditional micro scooter, with no battery bulge or cables. A full charge takes only 60 minutes.

Make sure you purchase your helmets, safety first. Micro's quality branded helmets are specially designed for scooting, with protection for the front as well as the back of the head. These durable helmets feature an injection-molded ABS shell over a shock-absorbing liner for high impact protection. A spin dial and adjustable straps ensure a perfect fit, while multiple air vents help keep heads cool.Micro recommends measuring your child's head before purchasing.Please refer to the sizing chart below to ensure a proper fitting helmet

If that doesn’t make you want to get one and join in on the fun with your little ones, I don’t know what to tell you. You’ll have just as much fun if not more than your kiddo. Happy summer and can’t wait to see everyone scooting around!

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