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Marvel Universe LIVE! Age of Heroes, Packs A One, Two Punch, Must See!

Marvel Universe LIVE! Age of Heroes has got to be one of the greatest shows I’ve seen in a long time. Thank you Marvel Universe LIVE and Feld Entertainment for inviting my family and I, the show was outstanding. Let me share with you the coolest thing I've ever done, the day before I was invited to an "Interactive show elements." You’re asking, “what’s that ” let me tell you, only the hippest backstage access EVER. Our class crash course, Fight 101 consisted of learning first-hand, some of the incredible stunt moves used in the show from the athletic performers directly, we were able to not only watch but partake in some of the epic battle scenes! Experienced “sword fight” choreography with Kali Stick which was super fun. We were given a Backstage Wardrobe tour of costumes & props featured in the show, the detail work was stunning absolutely impeccable· We meet several of the local SoCal-based performers who portray Marvel’s iconic Super Heroes including Kevin Myrick (“Doctor Strange”), Hilary Kadoya (“Rocket Racoon”), Kyle Murillo (“Spider-Man”), David Kinne (“Bruce Banner”.)

Privy to backstage secrets and give first-hand experience on combat skills, I was even more pumped about watching the show. Mind you, I was already excited about seeing Dr. Strange, Guardians of Galaxy and all the other characters, kiddo was over the moon for HULK, now it was extra special. When the Staple Center lights dimmed, I didn't know what to expect, and when I saw Dr. Strange I got goose bumps. Between the special effects, pyrotechnics (BLEW ME AWAY), stunts and the stunning scene with giant pieces of yellow fabric that talent used to just drop out of the ceiling will leave you in awe. I was so impressed talking to the wardrobe coordinator, safety is a key factor, actually, their number one concern is for their cast, even the costumes that they’re wearing is flame resistant. Performers are flying through the air, climbing 20 feet up or more on set pieces and do all kinds of circus-style stunts, without a net, it’s unbelievable.

Marvel Universe LIVE! Age of Heroes is not to be missed, the show is for all ages, young and old. I said it before and I will say it again Marvel Universe LIVE! Age of Heroes packs a one, two punch. It will leave you breathless and in wonderment. Great way to get the kiddos interested in arts, acrobatics, have their imagination run wild and so much more. The shows next stop is Ontario and then Anaheim, click here for their complete schedule. By the way, use the coupon to get 20% off your tickets price! Have a BLAST, I know you will, we did. x

*Super hero action, thrills and drama will soar, smash and burst into arenas across the country starting this summer with the debut of Marvel Universe LIVE! Age of Heroes. The iconic Marvel Super Heroes Spider-Man and The Avengers are joined by the Guardians of the Galaxy, including Star-Lord, Gamora, Groot, Rocket and Drax, in a legendary battle to defend the universe from evil. The newest production from Feld Entertainment, the world’s leading producer of live touring family entertainment, will premiere at STAPLES Center in Los Angeles. Tickets are on sale for Anaheim, Denver, Indianapolis, Las Vegas and Salt Lake City.

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