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Walmarts Disney Cars Storage Table and Chairs Set Review.

Thank you, Delta Children for sending us Disney Cars Storage Table and Chairs Set! We are in love with our CARS 3 table McQueen and Jackson Storm, who are front and center. McQueen symbolising an era of being true to yourself and appreciating everyone around you and Jackson Storm, precision, speed, and winning at all costs. If you haven’t seen CARS 3 yet with your kiddo, you must! This one not to be missed, because once you buy the table set it will mean that much more to you.

Cars Storage Table and Chairs Set is super easy to put together and so stinking cute. My little one is over the moon about his CARS 3 table set, he’s placed it right next to the dining room table, hasn’t sat at the grown-ups table since receiving his CARS 3 table set.

The sharp-designed Cars Storage Table and Chairs Set is the perfect set for your little racecar driver. With its cool red and blue color scheme, electric design and fantastic use, your little one will love sitting here to do his homework and other fun activities. The storage compartment makes it extra useful, providing ample enough space for toys, books and papers. Built of strong wood construction, this table and chairs set are both safe and enduring. The storage area, I originally thought we could keep little CARS toys in, however, we’ve turned it into a crafts table. We have crayons (packaged or they will slip thru the mesh) small colouring book, paint brushes (packaged) and colouring pencils stored in there, ready to play at all times. Make sure if you’re painting you cover the table with a heavy cloth or you’ll paint the table accidentally, and once you’re done wipe the table down and you’re ready for breakfast, lunch, dinner and or snacks.

Here’s a pro tip for you, hanging bags for toys, art materials, and books on the back of the chairs is another way to help your kids use their furniture. Just watch out for the added possibility of a chair tipping over if there is too much weight on its back.

Consider getting a clear plastic table cover (you’ll have to cut a hole where the mesh top is) that can be periodically removed when it is dirtied or damaged. You want to allow your children to use their furniture without too much worry over damage and or messes, so protect the tabletop and then let the kids enjoy their meals, art, and other activities to the fullest. Needless to say, a kids' table empowers children to seat themselves and rise as needed.

This is a sturdy little table that should last through the shenanigans of toddlers. I highly recommend this table if you want to get creative and customise a little area for your kids and peace of mind for you. If you can’t tell, I AM IN LOVE with our Cars Storage Table and Chairs Set. It’s available now at Walmart and you’ll get FREE 2 Day shipping. Make this a summer they won’t forget!

*Disclaimer, this post was sponsored by Delta Children however, my opinions and facts and love for the product, are my own! x

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