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Grossery Gang Movie Premiere

Walking the green carpet for the Grossery Gang movie premier kicked in my ocd, lol. From the wormy cheese and cockroach and stinky pizza, I had shivers, my little one however, was enjoying every minute of it. Our hosts were The Random Guys, a YouTube sensation and I can see why, they brought the house down with their comical antics and had every child involved in all the Grossery shenanigans. We had a sneak peak of their upcoming movie and it’s super stinkin cute!

It’s the Grossery Gang Official Movie: Putrid Power! Join Pizza Face, Gooey and the rest of the gang as they Putrid. Power up to fight the evil Clean Team lead by the wicked overload Vac Attack. Will they be able to keep the streets of their beloved Cheap Town reeking? Or will the Clean Team wash away all the grime for good? It’s an all out battle between The Grossery Gang and the Clean Team in the Grossery Gang Movie.

If you don’t know who or what the Grossery Gang is/are, let me introduce you to the newest lineup that your kiddo will be asking for. The Grossery Gang series 2 is a 2017 collectable toy from Moose. The Grossery Gang is pretty much a male version of Shopkins even though The Grossery Gang is both for boys and girls. They are mini yucky food products that are from a small gas station called the Yucky Mart. They are more squishy then Shopkins and The Trash Pack. There are 2 pack Chocolate Bars, 4 Pack Soda Cans, 10 Pack Chip Bags, 16 Pack Cereal Boxes and even a Fridge with around 22 or so! Have fun discovering all the yuk, it’s disgustingly delightful.

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