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California Science Center IMAX Theater Grand Re-Opening

IMAX with Laser is here at the California Science Center!

You guys this theater is unbelievable, I don't know if a lot of you know this fun fact about me, I'm deaf in my left ear. Yes, totally deaf, so when someone says that surround sound is awesome, I always smile and nod my head. But, I have to say, this theater was something else. I felt, I didn't need to hear it with both ears, my entire body was absorbed in the moment. It's magical, you're transcended into a another realm and it feels like it's out of this world. I highly recommend the experience! They are currently playing Amazon and Hurricane which both movies are a must see. Below you'll find the links to both movies and your next stop should be California Science Center!

Transport yourself to awesome new worlds and engage your senses in endless colors and soul-stirring sounds! Experience the sharpest, brightest, clearest, and most vivid digital images ever produced. With Laser projection, audiences will experience colors that exist in the real world, but could never before be shown onscreen. Coupled with IMAX's next-generation 12 channel surround sound system, IMAX with laser will draw you into the action like never before. It is more than a technological evolution—it’s a re-imagination of the movie theatre experience.

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