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As the holiday festivities begin are upon us, we’re always looking for that one product that will allow give us a glow, the extra je ne sais quoi. Upon my research of the hottest must-have item, I ran across JuvaLips! An instant lip plumper, no injections needed, natural enhancement, 1-2 minutes of JuvaLips lip plumping is all it takes for results that last for hours.

I had the pleasure of meeting Gina who’s the owner of JuvLlips and she’s brilliant! Gina created JuvaLips that has a contoured mouthpiece that’s designed around extensive testing. JuvaLips design is comfortable and fits the vast majority of people. With proper technique, even a person with larger than normal lips can move the device around the mouth area with repeated uses and get great results.

JuvaLips results usually last anywhere from 4 to 10 hours. The more frequently you use your JuvaLips the more your lips become accustomed to the treatments, and the results tend to last longer. You’ll fall in love with JuvaLips, you'll love it so much that they guarantee the results – 30-Day Risk Free Trial! JuvaLips makes a great gift, stocking stuffer or a present just for yourself. Enjoy and happy holidays, xo

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