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Bye bye DVD, Hello Movies Anywhere!

We're traveling for the holidays and I'm in need of having all of our movies in one location, so my little one can have easy access to all his movies. To say I’ve been looking for a movie service (library as I call it), high and low, where I can download and store all our movies into one place, is an understatement. My little one is obsessed with all new and old animated movies, he loves to them watch over and over. I need everything to be accessible and I discovered Movies Anywhere. I’m in LOVE! There app can be found for IOS and Android, download the app and create your free account today. You can have one base account and then add profiles for your family, (parents this part is amazing) including rating restrictions for content access! With Movies Anywhere, every night is movie night. NO SUBSCRIPTION FEE, EVER. For a short time only connect your digital retail accounts to import your movies from iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and Vudu to Movies Anywhere, and you'll get free copies of five movies, one from each of the big studio partners. For example: Big Hero 6 (Disney Movies), Ghostbusters (Sony Pictures), Ice Age Movie (20th Century Fox) Jason Bourne (Universal Pictures), The Lego Movie (Warner Bros. Entertainment), *subject to change, please check Movies Anywhere customer care for updated information.

Here’s the breakdown of Movies Anywhere. Services that Movies Anywhere works with are Amazon Video, Google Play, Apple iTunes and Vudu. The studios you know and love that work with Movies Anywhere are Warner Bros., Disney, Universal, Sony and Fox are all on the service. Did you know you can download films for offline viewing! You can download to a maximum of eight devices and a maximum of 16 devices over a rolling 12-month period. You can’t purchase movies Movies Anywhere is your film library. If you see a film you want to purchase on the Movies Anywhere service, clicking the buy option will bring up a pop-up showing you which vendors have the video to purchase from. Movies Anywhere can be viewed as of now in the US.

Happy Holidays, xo

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