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Netflix Benji "Pawmiere" was Ruff-Tastic!

We were invited to the Netflix Benji "Pawmiere" and it was Ruff-Tastic, see what I did there, Ruff-Tastic, Fantastic! I grew up with Benji and I loved the movie. What an amazing experience to share with my little one my favorite movie growing up and now he gets to see the new version. Benji still tugs at your heart and will have you falling in love. It's funny, who ever trained Benji needs to come over and help me train my dog. I will share with you there is a scene in the end that "something" happens to Benji. My kiddo and his best friend bursted out crying. Literally crying, I think the entire theater heard me saying to the kiddos that it's okay and Benji is fine, he's just resting. Prepare your little one ahead of time that some of the things they might see isn't real. Benji, thank goodness wakes up and all is well in the world but that 5 minutes was pretty sad for a 5 year old. When I tell you that Benji is loving, sweet and everything expected and more, you'll love it.

Benji along with his four-legged friends attended the "pawmiere" of his new Netflix film. Benji star Gabriel Bateman celebrated with writer and director Brandon Camp, Benji creator Joe Camp and producer Jason Blum. They were also joined by actors Jerod Haynes, Angus Sampson, and Will Rothaar from the film. Other two-legged stars that stepped out on Sunday included Isabella Gomez (One Day At A Time).

Guests were able to enjoy "pawesome" activities like a photo booth, dog tag making station, puppy playground and refreshments including popcorn, hot dogs and treats for pups and humans! Netflix worked with Best Friends Animal Society to give local families and dog lovers a chance to adopt their own rescue dogs throughout the event. The event was a dog-gone perfect celebration before Benji makes his Netflix debut on Friday, March 16th.

Thank you Netflix for inviting us to the Benji "Pawmiere," we are so grateful. We loved Benji and his heartfelt story.

Benji makes his Netflix debut on Friday, March 16th.

A modern day retelling of the classic, the story of Benji follows one orphaned puppy and Carter and Frankie, two capricious New Orleans school kids who strike up a friendship with the tenacious street dog. When danger befalls them and they end up kidnapped by robbers who are in over their heads, Benji and his scruffy sidekick come to the rescue.

Written and directed by Brandon Camp, whose father Joe Camp created the original, Benji is produced by Jason Blum and Brandon Camp. The film stars Kiele Sanchez, Gabriel Bateman and Darby Camp.

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