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Ryka Woman's Athletic Shoe

Ryka recently invited me to CRUBOX LA and I had a blast, not only because of the kickboxing class but I got to try out Ryka DEVOTION XT MID TOP TRAINING SHOE. It was the most comfortable shoe I’ve worn, it felt like I had pillows wrapped around my feet. Mamas this IS the sneaker to get when you’re running after your little one, or spending the day at a theme park or most importantly, every day when you’re just doing what you do, moming hard!

Ryka knows that a woman’s foot shape, muscle movement, and build are all inherently different from a man’s. The "Q-angle"(quadricep angle)--the anatomical relationship between the hip and knee--measures 5-7 degrees greater for women than men. As a result, we tend to shift more weight to the outside of our feet, which leads to instability at foot strike and a higher risk of injury.

Our design philosophy integrates all of our technologies into one of the most researched, women-specific fits in the industry. A complete footwear solution customized to fit the shape of a woman’s foot perfectly--with a narrower heel, roomier forefoot, increased instep volume and a more secure footbed. The result is footwear engineered to address our unique biomechanics for unsurpassed fit, comfort, cushioning and control.

The technology of Ryka shoe is like none other! RE-ZORB: A proprietary foam compound engineered for exceptional cushioning and comfort. It provides responsive cushioning and shock absorption. Pivot Point is for easy transitions during studio-based fitness workouts, Pivot Point technology offers traction and increased control. Drainage System is designed for water fitness activities, a multi-port drainage system in the midsole allows water to escape and keeps your shoes lightweight. RE-ZORB Lite capsules encased in responsive foam. CSS, the four key components of the shoe are designed to surround the foot in comfort. Construction includes soft materials throughout, along with extra cushioning in the footbed and a lightweight, flexible bottom. Slip-Resist, Oil and slip-resistant traction outsoles, it provides stability and protection from slippery surfaces. Memory Foam for a custom foam cushioning system provides unique comfort. Designed to mold to the shape of your feet for all-day comfort. You see what I mean, the shoe is outrageously comfortable, stylish and a must-have!

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