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For Today's Promises Poolside Fundraiser, Sunday, May 20th!!


Join the Today's Promises team for a lovely poolside fundraiser hosted by a special guest. Come enjoy signature cocktails, appetizers, music, silent and live auctions including trip, jewelry, sports memorabilia, sponsorship opportunities and more. Today’s Promises Poolside Fundraiser will support bringing empowerment, education, food, shelter, love, and hope to the impoverished children of Haiti. Through managing relationships and using our voices and individual talents to build a powerful force that will steer positive change with immediate results. Proceeds will assist a trip curated by the Today’s Promises Team during the second week of June. The mission is to move the orphans and their caretakers to a new facility. This facility will help them to be self-sustainable with a garden, chicken coop, prekindergarten, elementary, middle and high school, as well as, apartment-style housing. Here they will also learn compassion education with local rescue dogs that will be living on their new property. The dogs will be in a sanctuary built by The Vanderpump Dog Foundation. They hope to enhance the living conditions of these wonderful children where they will grow, learn, and develop into productive and responsible adults. PURCHASE TICKETS: PRICE: $27 WHEN: Sunday, May 20th, 2018 Event Time: 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm WHERE: Poolside Cocktail Hour Bella Villa Sul Monte 8233 Roxbury Road Los Angeles, California 90069 Today’s Promises is a pending 501(c)3 organization and is a continuation of the work which was started by The Mission Light Church of Life in Haiti. After the 2010 earthquake, the Mission Light Church led by the Estiverne family of Haiti established an orphanage for children who were in various distressed situations. Most of the children had either lost their parents during the earthquake or were abandoned by their relatives as they could not care for them. The entire Estiverne family worked very hard to meet the basic needs of the children, but they did not have the sufficient resources. The children lacked basic human necessities including clean water, electricity, food, a safe and secure home and psychological support. Check out our website or Instagram for more information: and socials @todayspromises. The Goal of Today’s Promises Poolside Fundraiser is to raise enough money to give the kids all the materials they need to thrive. Here is a list of facilities within the new compound that guests will have the opportunity for naming rights: Pre-Kindergarten, Elementary School, Middle School, High School, Extracurricular Activities Playground, Library, Community Center, Cafeteria, Community Center, Chicken Coop, Farm, and additionally, there will be opportunities to sponsor a child for a whole year for just $80 per month.

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