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Knott's Summer of Fun!!!!

Thank you Knott’s for inviting us to a summer of fun! What an outstanding way to kick off summer, Beach Blanket Beagle. My kiddo is still talking about the show before I let you know about the Snoopy and The Gang I’m going to tell you all about Knott's Berry Farm newest ride Hangtime, it will blow your mind.

Literally, BUCKLE UP, you’re in for a ride of a lifetime, you'll feel emotions that you’ve never experienced before. The ride is crazy balls, yes I said that! Located on the boardwalk, HangTime towers 150 feet over the boardwalk area showcasing a beyond vertical drop that is the steepest in California, gravity-defying inversions, and mid-air suspensions. Now let this sink in, it has the steepest drop In California, 96 Degrees first and ONLY Dive Coaster In California. OMG. Don't forget to breath. Top Speed, 57 MPH and height requirement 48 Inches. Here’s the thing my kiddo who’s 5 is 53 inches, I wouldn’t put him on the ride. I’d hold off on the younger kids because the ride is truly exhilarating. When you’re standing in line, your courage is soaring, as you jump into your seat you’re still feeling invincible than the ride starts to take off and the first thing that pops into your mind, “WTF did I just get myself into and I can’t get out of this,” POINT OF NO RETURN. Hang Time is a crazy ride and you must experience this, it will give you the life jolt that you never knew you needed.

Once you find your footing (lol) head over to Beach Blanket Beagle, you’re going to want to sit and what a better than Beach Blanket Beagle, Snoopy's show!

Sit in the wet zone, the very front to get in on the action and to cool off. Beach Blanket Beagle is around for a limited engagement, it's here from June 9 – August 19. Debuting this summer in the Charles M. Schultz Theatre, Beach Blanket Beagle is a musical dance party set to the classic beachcomber tunes of the 60’s and 70’s, and stars the coolest beagle around, Snoopy! I promise you this show will make you want to get up dance, sing along and party on.

Once you exit head over to Calicos Mountain Jamboree which is also here for a limited time, June 9 through August 19. At the Calico Mine Stage, Knott’s is presenting another new show called Calico’s Mountain Jamboree! It’s a stunt-filled spectacle featuring the rivalry between the Timber Mountain Loggers and the Calico Miners set to an upbeat soundtrack and comedy galore. Now if you know anything about the wild wild west (which I don’t but my 5 yr old is teaching me) there's always tension and competition. But for this one show, Miners from the Calico Mines and Loggers from Timber Mountain are putting their differences aside to join together in a fun, the jamboree is filled with excitement, acrobatic moves that will have you in awe and the performance itself is exciting. Get your camera ready, you’ll want to take pics.

You don’t want to miss out on Ghost Town Alive, it’s returned until September 3. You’ll experience authentic bandits, cowboys, robberies and a western hoedown. My little one came across Ms. Lucy who asked P to pass a note to the Mayor's wife regarding a tea party rsvp. P asked Ms. Lucy, “why don’t you text her?” Ms. Lucy explained to P that in the western era there was no technology, imagine the reaction (lol) and that the mail and messages were delivered through people that were passing by your intended person. The conversation to say the least was adorable and eye awakening for a little person.

Just to give you a heads up you can find discounted tickets on Goldstar, and you can purchase a yearly membership on I’d go for the yearly membership because they have amazing events throughout the year. From Boysenberry Festival, Peanut Festival, Ghost Town Alive, 4th of July Fireworks, Coaster Campout, Knott’s Spooky Farm and so much more! Have a great summer everyone. x

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