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THE ANT-MAN AND THE WASP - Press Junket Conference

I was invited to the Ant-Man and The Wasp press junket last week and I have to tell you, I was not only looking forward to seeing the cast but most importantly I wanted to see Michael Douglas. If you know me well, you know I love Michael Douglas, I find him enchanting and downright sexy. Yes, I said that, and boy is he ever! Thank you, Disney and Marvel Studios for such an unbelievably awesome afternoon. Make sure to catch all our shenanigans on my Facebook page. 

We interviewed Paul Rudd (“Scott Lang / Ant-Man”), Evangeline Lilly (“Hope van Dyne / The Wasp”),  Michael Douglas (“Dr Hank Pym”), Laurence Fishburne (“Dr Bill Foster”), Hannah John-Kamen (“Ghost”), Director Peyton Reed and Producer Kevin Feige. 

Michael Douglas has a certain je ne sais quoi, he is the epitome of cool. Sitting back on the couch, taking it all in, occasionally answering a question with a smile that was intoxicating. Paul Rudd, Mr. Charming, is the funny guy next door, he’s sweet, sentimental and absolutely adorable. Evangeline Lilly is a stunningly beautiful woman, brilliant, articulate and extremely talented, she’s tres magnifique! Hannah John-Kamen quiet and confident and Laurence Fishburne, what can I say, he is what men are made of. Strong, assuring, his voice commands your attention, he is the gentle giant. 

Paul Rudds reaction to knocking out an exciting Marvel Movie sequel? With his charm and charisma he was as humble as ever:

"I try and think of the film as a whole and I think of every character," Rudd said. "This has been a collaborative effort more than anything I've ever worked on and to think that I actually wrote it would be a gross overstatement." Remember when I said Evangeline Lilly is brilliant? Evangeline Lilly studied Quantum Physics! Moms make sure you let your little superheroes know that The Wasp is well versed on Quantum Physics, being smart IS cool. Below is how we discovered Evangeline Lilly is not only smart but how she tackled the “villain” topic with her little one. 

Question on hand was given by the Moderator: If anyone is comfortable kind of explaining some of the quantum science that was played within the film? “I actually can answer that question. Because I really love quantum physics and always did before this happened and that’s one of the reasons I was excited about this brand, as I really dig quantum physics and you know, at one point we thought the atom was the beyond all and end all; that everything ended at the atom. That was the smallest nucleus in the world. But actually, we discovered that the atom is kinetic. And that atoms exist in multiple places at the same time. And that was scientifically proven and once you discover that, then you know that matter is kinetic and matter is displacing all the time and if it can be displaced, it can be warped. And So if you can warp it then you can warp size, you can warp matter and also, can you warp time? Can you warp reality? Can you warp universes? Right?” MIND BLOWN,,,,,,,,,, When asked about Villains and how they’re evolving, Evangeline Lilly had a great answer to give to our little ones. This is exactly what I will share with my little one.  “I always… I have a seven-year-old son and he loves violent movies. And… [LAUGHTER] he likes to taunt me by telling me, “Mom, I love violence,” because he knows I hate it. And he always, when he talks about good guys and bad guys in movies, I always feel a responsibility to clarify for him-- honey you know that there really is no such thing as a bad guy. Right? They’re only just good guys, who have made so many bad choices, they’ve forgotten how to make good choices. And a true hero’s job is to remind them of their goodness. Not to annihilate them, to kill them. You know, it’s to help them redeem themselves. And I think that’s applicable to life. Superhero stories are fun and they’re a totally different world, but what I think is cool and is that… to have redeemable villains, you’re teaching children that if you encounter somebody that might have a different opinion than you, that doesn’t mean they’re a villain. If they have a different objective than you, it doesn’t mean you should attack them. Maybe you want to try to understand them first.

**************SPOILER ALERT**************  The Ant-Man and The Wasp begin with Michael Douglas is young. When asked what he thought about being Digitally enhanced?  Michael Douglas: I looked pretty good, didn’t I? Laughter erupted, Yes, I’m in love with him, actually the entire time I was swooning over him. 

I wish I could give you the entire transcript, you’d be in stitches but this post would never end, lol. But I will leave you with these few funny lines. The Ant-Man and the Wasp cast and director revealed that Rudd made some changes to the script, changes that made have been made with a specific agenda in mind. According to Michael Douglas, "He gave himself more funny lines."

"His best lines in the movie are not in the script," actress Evangeline Lilly. There you have it, summed up, “the best lines in the movie are not in the script,” The Ant-Man and The Wasp is hilarious, they are Avengers material, get ready, there’s more to come! 

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