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Martellus Bennett's "The Fantastical Adventures of A.J." on iTunes July 24.

Available on iTunes July 24

Martellus Bennett’s Imagination Agency released this morning the trailer for his upcoming animated series, The Fantastical Adventures of A.J. The animated children’s series builds upon the Imagination Agency’s Hey A.J. franchise, which was inspired by Bennett’s daughter Austyn Jett, and will be available on iTunes July 24.

The Fantastical Adventures of A.J. follows the humorous antics of A.J., an imaginative, outgoing and adventurous 6-year-old African American girl, and Theo, her unaware anthropomorphic stuffed rabbit as they explore fantastical worlds created with the power of her imagination.

Inspired by his personal experiences with his young daughter, Bennett brings every child’s imagination to life through the Hey A.J. series, first with his debut children’s book Hey A.J., It’s Saturday, followed by Hey A.J., It’s Bedtime. Both literary works, written and illustrated by Bennett, also featured companion apps where kids could explore A.J.’s world and interact with Bennett’s beloved characters. Fans can also keep up with A.J. in between book releases by listening to the coolest podcast on the playground, The Hey A.J. Show, now streaming on Pinna.

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