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Summer at Universal Studios Hollywood!!!

We were recently invited to Universal Studios and had the time of our lives, we hadn’t laughed so hard in a really long time. Between Harry Potter, Jurassic Park, The Mummy Ride, Minions, Splash Pad and most importantly my interview with Mr. Ping (which BTW was the best) and the all-new DreamWorks Theatre featuring “Kung Fu Panda: The Emperor’s Quest, it was mind-blowing.

I’ve had a lot of you reach out asking how to navigate Universal Studios. So I’m going to share how we discover Uni and how we cover everything. You’ve walked thru security and now you’re at the gate check-in, when you walk stand there for a moment and take it all in. The air is electrifying, everyone is excited to be there and you know all sorts of shenanigans are about to ensue.

We beeline it to the lower level of Uni where our journey begins at Jurassic Park. The water thrill ride that has gigantic animatronic dinosaurs will close its doors for good after 22 years on Sept. 3. I’m saddened by this, this is one of the greatest rides, you laugh and get epically soaked, no way around it, it’s the best! Don't worry when the ride shuts down excavation will immediately begin for a new thrill ride based on Universal Studios newest dinosaur franchise, “Jurassic World Ride" opening in 2019.

Once you walk out of JP, make your way to Blue! Blue is the hero of 2015's Jurassic World, she’s loving, caring and in my eyes similar to a dog. Her mannerism, the way she interacts with Chris and Bryce in JP, is loving and protective as she is in person. You’ve got to meet the star herself! She’s ginormous, intimating and exhilarating all at once. Standing in front of her to take our pic, with our favorite raptor was super cool. P at first was excited but then when it was our turn he freaked out. He said, “mama she’s real!” Que me laughing and reassuring him that Blue is not real and indeed our friend that will not eat us.

Next up, The Mummy ride, don’t forget to get a locker, you can’t take any items with you on this ride. This ride I find terrifying, my 5-year-old loves it, me on the other hand, I’m screaming my lungs out. When the ride is over and you find your bearings to stand, make your way to transformers, be sure to take pics with your favorite Transformer. After Transformers we make our way up to Uni plaza.

Universal Plaza is where you’ll get to meet Mr. Ping and experience your photo oops with Tigress and Master Po Ping, KungFu Panda himself! Right next to Mr. Ping meet and greet is Mr. Pings restaurant. The restaurant is an authentic Asian fare that has a selection of hot and cold Asian beverages. The best place to get your lunch, it’s light and delicious.

Next up, Minions, we take our staple family picture with our lovable Minion and ride the ride that gets us laughing, most importantly don’t forget to take a banana with you to share with your fave Minion! When you’re done with Minions head over to the splash pad area, you’ll spend a solid two hours there. P loves the splash pad area, it’s amazing, I see him approaching other little kids to make new friends, my heart explodes. I love seeing him confident, it’s so important to give our children the opportunity to build their character, confidence and most importantly having fun. The splash pad is so much more than a water pad because you stand back and let your kiddo be themselves. You allow them to take risks, yes, at a splash pad, lol, they make their own choices, and you watch them in action.

At this point your little one should be starving, head over Three Broomsticks, which has an outstanding Ploughman’s Lunch, Cheese Toastie with Chicken and Sunday Roast Sandwich. Their food is delicious, order a side of extra corn, order 3, it’s scrumptious. For your dessert experience Butterbeer Ice Cream, make sure everyone gets there own, you will not want to share, I promise you.

Walk out and enjoy Harry Potter, become spellbound with exciting new additions! Take a picture in front of Hogwarts Express Train and you’ll find your local wizard to learn new spells. The new wand magic features Incendio fire-making spell and the Alohomora unlocking spell. Next door is Gladrags Wizardwear with new high-end costume replicas of Professor Severus Snape’s robe and Hermione’s Yule Ball dress. Most importantly the magical Nighttime Lights at Hogwarts Castle has returned for its nightly spectacular nightly show going on August 19, and September 1-3!

After Harry Potter, Krustyland visit is a must for there oversized donuts! End your night with the carnival games, “step right up and test your skill at carnival-style midway games direct from Krustyland. Try your hand at games like The Full Nelson, Dunk or Flunk with Principal Skinner, Sideshow You, Thar She Throws, Wild and Willie, and more. There’s a game for every Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie in your family (okay, maybe Maggie should just watch the fun).”

Thank you Universal Studios Hollywood for inviting us for a day of fun, it was amazing! Kiddo asks every day if we can go back, especially for the Butterbeer Ice Cream. If you’re local make sure to purchase an annual pass, it’s worth every penny. Catch our escapades on Facebook and Instagram. Have a happy summer at Universal!!

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