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Jim Cummings is the voice of CHRISTOPHER ROBIN, Arrives in Theatres Everywhere on August 3rd!

CHRISTOPHER ROBIN arrives in theatres everywhere on August 3rd!

When I hear the words “Winnie the Pooh” I think of my childhood, my mom reading stories about the adventures of Pooh and his friends. Most importantly I’m grateful that I share this beautiful tale with my little one. The lovable bear with the biggest heart, wise words and friends that love each other unconditionally.

I was invited to meet Jim Cummings the voice of Pooh and Tigger and I was immediately 6 yrs old. His life journey is amazing, he shared a few intimate stories which had me crying. Yes, I cried, I was present and it hit me, this moment is precious, this is the man who voices my beloved bear that was part of my childhood. It’s a privilege and honor to be in the same room with him, a priceless experience that moved me to tears. Take a look at this video that he did for P, I showed P and he said, “mama that's pooh but who’s that man?” I tried to explain it to him but he looked at me like I had a second head. Thank you, Jim, for recording this piece that holds a special place in my heart.

Jim started to voice Pooh after Hal Smith passed away in 1988. Jim also voiced Tigger throughout the years when Paul Winchell (Tiggers Voice) was doing humanitarian work in Africa. Prior to Paul passing away, Paul asked Jim too, “Take care of my little buddy.” When he shared this precious moment with us, I cried like a baby. Complete embarrassment, my emotions took over me that afternoon. Jim was so humble, authentic and a pure joy to be with. Thank you Disney for including and I'm sorry about my blubbering, I was having an outer body experience, my childhood was flashing before my eyes as Jim was speaking and excited to know that Preston shares my love of Pooh, life has come full circle.

Talking about Christopher Robin movie, Jim’s excitement was contagious, he couldn’t stop sharing with us about how wonderful the movie is and proud to share it with the world. The story is beautifully done, refreshing and will remind all of us to stop and take in the moment, life is happening now and we should appreciate it to it's fullest. The sizzle real that we saw was powerful, outstanding and it will hold a special place in all of our hearts. Most importantly I'm excited that we will share this story with a new generation that will embrace the love of Pooh and grow up knowing that, “You’re braver than you believe and stronger and smarter than you think.”

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