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Thomas & Friends TrackMaster Hyper Glow Will Complete Your Christmas List!

Halloween is behind us and yes, I am that mom, that started setting up for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I’ve been searching for a train to circle our tree and came across Thomas & Friends Hyper Glow motorized toy train! It’s awesome, not only is a super cool train but it glows in the dark.

The Thomas & Friends Hyper Glow motorized toy train features a colorful design and lights on the bottom to brighten glow-in-the-dark track! Featuring lights that charge glow-in-the-dark TrackMaster track, this motorized Hyper Glow Thomas toy train will light up kids' imaginations! This incredibly unique toy train has lights on the bottom that charge glow-in-the-dark track, so when Thomas passes over, he'll leave a glowing trail behind him. Plus, Thomas takes on a multicolor, glow-in-the-dark look for an even more exciting playtime experience. Engage children's sense of curiosity and wonder as Hyper Glow Thomas leaves a trail of light ​behind while he speeds along glow-in-the-dark track! ​

The set is extraordinary, play time with Thomas & Friends Hyper Glow motorized toy train can go on for hours! It will keep kiddo busy for hours, the Thomas & Friends glow in the dark fascinated and have your kiddos imagination running rampant. Thomas & Friends Hyper Glow train set makes for a gift, or do what I did. Purchase the set and purchase additional trains and place them in kiddos stocking. Happy Holidays, x

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